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UPU member countries vote to hold Geneva Extraordinary Congress on terminal dues system

07/06/2019 - The Universal Postal Union (UPU) has to date received 128 valid postal ballots from the UPU member countries expressing their support for convening the third Extraordinary Congress to discuss the UPU terminal dues system.

Although valid postal ballots are still being received at least two-thirds of the UPU membership - 128 member countries - have now given their formal consent to convene the third Extraordinary Congress in Geneva, Switzerland from 24 to 25 September 2019.

“This decision underscores the importance member countries attach to keeping the UPU intact and responsive to the needs of all. I am confident that, as always, the UPU will be guided by the spirit of dialogue and cooperation to find the required solutions in Geneva,” said the UPU Director General Bishar A. Hussein.


On 10 April, the Council of Administration, the body responsible for supervising the activities of the UPU and ensuring the continuity of its work between Congresses, agreed to hold a postal ballot on whether to convene an Extraordinary Congress on the UPU terminal dues system. The decision on whether to hold the Extraordinary Congress required a two-thirds majority of the UPU’s member countries and the postal deadline for sending the postal ballot was on or before 15 May.


The Universal Postal Union is a UN specialized agency with its headquarters in the Swiss capital Berne. Established in 1874, it is one of the world’s oldest international organizations and is the primary forum for cooperation between postal sector players.