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Vietnam Post provides supporting points on its for resident’s protection from Corona-virus outbreak

On 07/02/2020, at the meeting to provide the information on the outbreak of respiratory infection caused by Corona-virus (nCoV), the Vietnam Ministry of Health announced its decision to establish a portal website on this disease control and protection. Together with the Government’s efforts to set up this portal website, Vietnam Post has provided mapping services on supporting points to help people to search for information on the disease control and protection solutions nationwide.

Map Interface on Vietnam portal website for Corona virus-nCoV control and protection

This is a mapping function by using – a product of Viet Digital Knowledge project to assist people to search information on disease control and protection supporting points in Vietnam. This mapping function on the national portal website on Corona-virus (nCoV) control and protection brings details on addresses, instructions of medical supporting locations on this at the official portal of the Corona-nCoV virus disease control and protection will display address details, guide directions to the people support locations in this disease infection prevention solutions.

National official portal website on the Corona virus-nCoV control and protection is This portal has a user-friendly design. It not only updates the information about the number of dead, infected, suspected and recovered patients in different provinces in Vietnam, China and other countries in the world with the official data source from the Vietnam Ministry of Health. People can quickly update the instruction from Vietnam government, Ministry of Health on this epidemic prevention. In addition, this portal also provides supporting information, recommendations to Vietnam people’s inquiries. People can also ask and inform issues related to this disease and will get the replies from Ministry of Health as an easy knowledge store for all people nationwide. The search tool on will update information about hospitals, locations and medical facilities in Vietnam to support people in prevention from this respiratory infections caused by Corona virus.