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Electronic identification and authentication of Vietnam Post people completes by 10 March 2020

To continue the implementation of identification and electronic authentication through the PosID system, Vietnam Post requires all its subsidiaries to complete this task for all leaders, employees and collaborators on the nationwide postal network by 10 March 2020.

This aims at managing electronic identification of all Vietnam Post employees on the whole postal network. After the electronic identification and authentication, PostID accounts are issued for each employee to access Vietnam National Public Service Portal and other systems connected with Vietnam Post to make electronic transaction without any information declaration, creating accounts and verifying personal information.

Vietnam Post also requires all its subsidiaries and individual employees to register on PostID.

At each subsidiary, the director assigns suitable officers to do and approve the electronic identification and authentication processes for each department or for the whole management office. Head of personnel department is responsible to approve this identification and authentication for the whole management office, and each head of functional department is responsible for their own department.

For temporary employees and collaborators, Head of Post Office is responsible for their electronic identification and authentication. Staff at counter do and supervisors at counter approve this electronic identification and authentication.

All employees and collaborators are responsible for all relevant documents and personal information when inputting in Post ID system. Authorized approval officers and directors are responsible for the accuracy of information inputted by their employees on PostID and ensure PostID accounts issued to the right people.

The implementation of electronic identification and authentication for all postal employees and collaborators at all Vietnam Post subsidiaries will be complete before 10 March 2020.

Earlier, under the direction of Vietnam Government on cooperating to develop integrated solutions on electronic identification and authentication on the national public service portal, Vietnam Post built up the PostID identification and authentication system and conducted intensive training courses for all its subsidiaries.

A part from encouraging all employees and collaborators on the nationwide postal network to be a pioneer in registering for PostID accounts, Vietnam Post also offered free-of-charge support for any individual and business to do this. Accordingly, individuals and businesses can register by themselves on PostID system and then submit relevant documents for checking, activating their accounts or directly going to post offices to get support in opening accounts. Post Office staff also introduce and open PostID accounts for their customers when they use postal services at counters.

With existing customers, Vietnam Post will issue PostID accounts for individuals and businesses who are identified and instruct them to submit their relevant documents online to access to the national public service porter.