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Vpostcode attracts many users after launching

Right after the launching ceremony, the postal address code system-Vpostcode, developed and managed by Vietnam Post, as recorded from the system, many individual and business users have accessed to experience functions of this postal address code system.

Interface of Vpostcode website

With a simple click, users can easily define specific Vpostcode where they are standing. It supports to search, locate and give directions and share address information by using smart phone or computer. These are basic and important functions to meet the demand for address digitalization of all people, enterprises and state authorities.

With Vpostcode, each address in each lane of the cities or communes of the rural, mountainous and remote areas was assigned with a code to display directions and navigation to each specific location 

Organizations and businesses can use this platform to create new services and optimize their operations.

According to Mr. Bui Truong Hai, Nasco Logistics company, Logistics companies expected that Vietnam had a platform of practical postal database. Because this platform would help enterprises more conveniently provide delivery services from cities to rural and mountainous areas.

Mr. Le Quoc Vinh, Member of BOM of Vietnam Post said that Vietnam Post not only developed the platform but also quickly applied Vpostcode in their operation and business. This was a competitive advantage of Vietnam Post to establish, operate and provide value-added services on the database platform, thereby gradually gaining access to new services. Appling Vpostcode in postal delivery services helped both recipients register delivery address conveniently and postmen improve their quality of delivery through displaying direction suggestions…. With the application of Vpostcode, the addresses of the customers would be located exactly, contributing to optimizing the transportation and delivery of the postal, logistics and e-commerce enterprises…

Mr. Tran Duc Nghia, Member of Standing Committee of Vietnam Logistics Businesses Association confirmed that the Vpostcode not only supported delivery service providers and users to search quickly addresses and directions but also brought benefits to e-commerce and logistics businesses.