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Vietnam Post launches a new consumer promotion for Summer discounts up to 50%

Vietnam Post cooperates with its partners to launch the Summer promotion for all family care products of Hanacos Vietnam CO., LTD on the retailing system of Vietnam post.

List of up-to-50% discounts for family care products during promotion period

This promotion with 50% discount is applied from 10/6/2020 to the end of June 30, 2020 in all 63 provinces and cities nationwide.

The products are discounted in this promotion including: Cleansing milk with seaweed extract 80g, Sam vegetable Extract Cleanser 80g, Blueberry Extract Milk Cleanser (Blueberry) 80g, Women sanitizer herb extract 100ml, Kool FRESH Women sanitizer 100ml... only cost 25,000 dong discount from 50,000 dong.

Moringa Shower Milk (Inflorescence) 500ml, Rose Shower Milk 500ml, Dien Vy Flower Shower Milk 500ml... only cost only 42,500, discounted from 85,000 dong.

The selling point system of Vietnam Post prioritizes to select family care products extracted from user-friendly nature, suit 5-year-old children without skin irritation or side effects.

Suppliers also offer flexible exchange or return policies for customers during their process of using products or having allergies or hypersensitivity to any elements of these products.

This is a special promotion program applied for all customers on the network of Vietnam Post throughout the country. Vietnam Post continues to offer more promotions to promote its provision of consumer products, family care products, quality services to customers.