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Vietnam Post provides free delivery of relief goods to Covid-19 areas in Da Nang City

On August 5, Vietnam Post organized to receive and transport free of charge relief goods, including medical supplies for Covid-19 prevention and control from Hanoi to Da Nang City.

Vietnam Post’s Youth Union cooperates with Logistics Company – a subsidiary of Vietnam
receive and deliver free of charge the medical equipment and supplies from Vietnam Association of Young Physicians to Da Nang City

The consignment includes 94 boxes of protective clothing, 40 boxes of face glass, 40 boxes of masks, 20 boxes of hand sanitizers for COVID-19 prevention and control, mobilized from social resources by Vietnam Association of Young Physicians. The consignment was transported to the heart of the epidemic areas.

In the complicated context of Covid -19 with big effect on all aspects of life, economy and society, and the transportation of essential goods, especially medical equipment and supplies to support doctors, nurses and soldiers on the front lines in the anti-Covid-19 pandemic shows the solidarity of Vietnam Post joining hands with the whole country to fight against Covid-19.

Earlier, from April 1, 2020, Vietnam Post and Vietnam Association of Young Physicians signed an agreement to receive and transport the relief goods and medical equipment to the pandemic areas and the areas with high number of COVID-19 infected people. So far, up to 12 transportation trips have been prioritized by Vietnam Post to transport over 3.2 tons of relief goods quickly and promptly to the needed areas.