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Vietnam Post celebrates 75th Anniversary of Post Day

Vietnam Post set its target to reach a total turnover of 2.5 billion US dollar by 2025, and 5.3 billion USD by 2030. This was the emphasis of Vietnam Post leaders at the 75th Anniversary of Viet Nam Post Day (15/8/1945-15/8/2020). The anniversary ceremony was organized by Vietnam Post in the form of tele-television connected with its all subsidiaries across the country.

Chairman of Vietnam Post Mr. Nguyen Hai Thanh makes an opening speech to celebrate the Anniversary.

With a review of the heroic tradition of the postal sector, Chairman Nguyen Hai Thanh reminded the history of 75 years, on August 15, 1945, the National Conference of Communist Party of Dong Duong held at Tan Trao issued the resolution on the establishment of "Professional Traffic Committee”, a predecessor of the postal sector (now the information and communication sector). This is the historical milestone to mark August 15 as the Traditional Day of Post.

Born in the boiling atmosphere of the Revolutionary August 1945, the history of postal sector was associated with the glorious revolution history of the Party and of the Nation. Undergoing two fierce wars against the fierce fighting against the French and the American Empire to gain national independence, unity of the country, as well as border protection wars, tens of thousands of officers and employees of the post sector following the call of the country, with both dedication and creativity to ensure smooth communication to serve the Party, Government and People and to fight against the enemies, support transporting officers, weapons, medicines, ammunition and food to the battlefields.

Entering the new period of innovation, integration and development, the postal sector was one of the pioneering industries with new, strong, innovative policies and strategies: "Going straight into the era of modern technology, digital and multi-services" in the years 1986-1992; "Speeding up the development and modernization" in the period 1993-2000; and "Integration and Development".

In that series of historic events of the postal sector, the establishment of Vietnam Post marked a significant turning point in the organizational structure of postal sector in 2008 as an important milestone in the official separation of post and telecommunications, and Vietnam Postal was accordingly separated and operated independently from Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Group (VNPT).

In the early stages of establishment, Vietnam Post successfully implemented the development strategy for its first 10 years of operation, overcame the challenges with a gradual reduction in government subsidy and cover the loss and get profit from 2013 as required by the Government.

Overview of 75th Anniversary of Viet Nam Post Day

With the spirit of solidarity to overcome all challenges, keeping innovative changes to quickly adapt to the new situation, Vietnam Post has not only changed to develop but also affirmed its critical role in social life for national digital transformation, actively contributing to social security, stabilizing people life with such useful platforms as: Vietnam Digital Map Data Platform "(VMAP), Building the database of  humanitarian addresses (iNhandao), Building Postal Address Code system (VPOSTCODE), Building the National Resident Database… Besides, Vietnam Post also works closely with Ministries, branches to provide public services for e-government, public administration services such as receiving records and returning results of administrative procedures through public postal network, deploying the identification and electronic authentication system - PostID , paying pensions at home in the Covid-19 epidemic areas... These activities not only bring benefits to people, organizations and enterprises when using postal services but also show the important role in representative for the government organizations and agencies.

Chairman Nguyen Hai Thanh affirmed that these achievements were achieved by the devoted contribution, dedication of the hearts, minds, energy of the whole staff and workers nationwide. "We have a solidarity to complete successfully many business tasks, ensuring the quality of postal services, determining the important role of a national postal operator in the world with an honorable Certificate of Gold Level for Service Quality Management by the UPU. Vietnam Post continues to maintain the number one position with a strong brand and high trust to our customers and partners". Mr. Nguyen Hai Thanh stated.

President and CEO Mr. Chu Quang Hao affirmed that Vietnam Post implemented its important mission in "serving the community" in the past time.

Speaking at the ceremony, President and CEO Chu Quang Hao emphasized that 2020 was the ending year of Vietnam Psost’s development strategy in 2011-2020, starting to build the development strategy in new phase 2021-2030. In addition to capturing and adapting to the globalization trends, integration, trade balance transfer dominated by the global socio-economic economy, the world post and Vietnam postal sector were facing Covid-19 with extremely heavy impacts. Vietnam Post network was resilient to this pandemic, not only still ensuring business activities to serve the needs of the Party, Government and a majority of people, but also marked with major political tasks, in the conditions of the pandemic spreading nationwide, we still performed a very good role of "serving the community".

Under the pressure of innovation and competition to keep the number 1 position of Vietnam Post in the domestic market and sailing into the world post market, Vietnam Post identified that by 2025, the total turnover would reach 2.5 billion US dollar and 5.3 billion USD by 2030.

To this end, from right now, Vietnam Post focuses on implementing digital transformation, along with improving the advantages of Vietnam postal network, implementing digital platforms based on the effective applications of scientific and technological achievements to meet the requirements of development in the digital era , expanding and developing more new services, enhancing the application of technology in management, governance, development of human resources to meet new demands for operation, deeper involving in the field of public administration services, reform of administrative procedures.