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Vietnam Post upgraded delivery management software system for postmen

To improve the process of post and delivery services for better service quality to serve customers, Vietnam Post is upgrading the software system Pack and Send (P&S), DingDong for operation and management, delivery process management for postmen throughout the postal network.

DingDong application supports postmen to manage postal items from receiving data,
sorting and delivering postal items to customers

Pack and Send (P&S) and DingDong are software systems to support postal operation and management of postal items from receiving data, sorting and delivering postal items on the post and delivery software system.

The software also supports the statistics and accounting of postal items; managing the details of COD collection and payment at the systems of each post office; managing undelivered postal items at post offices ... At the same time, to handle related operations, the upgrade software is capable of connecting to other systems such as customer relationship management (CRM), customer service call center, inquiry software CASE, My Vietnam Post software, Vmap - Digital Map platform and PostID - identification and authentication system. Particularly, Pack and Send system, DingDong are also updated with the functions to find locations by address code - Vpostcode.

In details, Pack and Send software  is a web-based application with many useful functions such as postmen management, delivery routing; setting up the workshifts of postmen; receiving postal items dispatching to delivery post offices; information of mail exchange; arranging postal items among existing postmen, connecting with DingDong system to support the postmen’s works before, during, and after delivery.

DingDong application interface

DingDong is an application installed on smartphones using 3G / 4G for postmen when delivering postal items, with interconnection with P&S software to support postmen management (delivery information, receiving postal items and accessing to delivery information during delivery travelling); mnaging calls via switchboard with post offices and customers. This application also supports updating information handled with postal items such as request for refund, replay, change of address ... and general statistics, details of items, COD money delivered / not delivered when postmen end their day of deliver postal items.

Vietnam Post has been deploying and training postmen to use the delivery management software at 63 province and city post offices in the coming time to become the most reliable choice for customers to use postal services.