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Vietnam Post appoints Head of Propaganda - Communication

On August 18, the Vietnam Post held the ceremony to announce the appointment for Mr. Le Quoc Anh, Member of Standing Communist Party, Executive Vice President as the Head of Propaganda and Communication of Vietnam Post

Mr. Le Quoc Anh, Executive Vice President of Vietnam Post is appointed as Head of Propaganda - Communication of Vietnam Post

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Le Quoc Anh thanked Vietnam Post leaders for assigning new tasks, affirmed to directed effectively the Propaganda - Communication with the function of advising and assisting Vietnam Post Communist Party to lead the activities at subordinate parties to well perform political missions on education, ideology, ethical qualities and lifestyle for all party members and employees; propagating information, scientific research and a number of social activities in the Party; implementing propaganda taks, civil advocacy works of the Party; provide advisory functions to Board of Management of Vietnam Pos; and perform other duties of Youth Union and in the field of communication.

Expressing gratitude to Mr. Dinh Nhu Hanh, Former Member of the Standing Communist Party Committee, Executive Vice President, Former Head of Propaganda - Communication for laying the foundation and promoting Vietnam Post’s propaganda activities with a suitable model and remarkable achievements . Mr. Le Quoc Anh affirmed that, in the coming time, together with Vietnam Post’s Communist Party Committee, executive leaders and Propaganda - Communication Team to raise the spirit of solidarity and endeavor to complete all assigned missions.

Chairman of Vietnam Post Nguyen Hai Thanh expected Mr. Dinh Nhu Hanh to continue sharing experience and support in Propaganda and Communication to perform missions and tasks in new conditions and Mr. Le Quoc Anh as new Head of Propaganda and Communication of Vietnam Post to leverage current strengths to innovate management and administration for gradual transformation in Propaganda and Communication with more effective operation in many related fields of Propaganda, Communication and Youth Union.