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National Data Portal integrates with Digital map (VMap) and Postal Address Code (Vpostcode)

On August 31, 2020, the Ministry of Information and Communications officially launched the National Data Portal. Users can use PostID accounts created by Vietnam Post to access this National Data Portal.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Thanh Hung, Chairman of Vietnam Post Nguyen Hai Thanh and delegates launched the National Data Portal

The National Data Portal is the focal point for accessing information, data on the Internet, serving the disclosure of open data, providing information about data sharing by government agencies; providing documents, services, tools, applications to process and using data published by government agencies.

According to the Authority of Information Technology Application, Ministry of Information and Communications, the National Data Portal is developed to promote data governance in government agencies. Accordingly, the Portal is a common used platform for government agencies to announce the status of their information and data, data inventory, transparency of data. It is also a place to share the tools and skills to achieve the goals of developing sustainable data infrastructure in the e-government.

In addition, the Portal will manage and support the implementation of requests for the initialization of connections, data sharing among government agencies; supervising the sharing of data, solving concerns in data sharing among government agencies.

The National Data Portal will be a place to gradually provide the new digital services of E-Government development process. The portal also allows people and businesses to access their data managed by government agencies; other digital services on a quantitative analysis database, data is aggregated from data from various sources automatically.

Interface of National Data Portal at the website

In addition, the National Data Portal is also a communication channel to receive contributions from agencies, organizations, businesses and individuals to government agencies so that the government agencies have more data, effective activities to serve people and businesses better.

In the early stages, the Ministry of Information and Communications will build and launch several basic systems of the Portal, including posting information on the current status of data in the government agencies, open data system of government agencies. Also, the Port also connects a number of platforms such as Digital Map - Vmap, Postal Address Code – Vpostcode to increase utility of the Portal, supporting users at the most optimal level. This is the initial step for the development of the Portal, the Ministry of Information and Communications will continue to do research, expand each system and components of the Portal so that the Portal will be a tool and play the most powerful role to make data a core and a foundation in the development of electronic government, the government directs and manage basing on data.


Mr. Le Quoc Anh, Executive Vice President of Vietnam Post and other representatives of government agencies
sign the cooperation agreement to promote the open data

At the launching ceremony, representatives of the agencies from the Ministry of Information and Communications; Ministry of Resource and Environment; Ministry of Science and Technology; Ministry of Health; Ministry of Education and Training; Vietnam Social Security; Hanoi National University; Vietnam Post signed a cooperation agreement to promote the open data and to accompany in the development and implementation of the National Data Portal. This shows the commitment of government agencies in implementing data governance activities, providing open data to the community and society; also showing cohesion and companion between government agencies and organizations and businesses in coordinating to promote open data deployment.

The National Data Portal on the Internet has the web address:; The Open Data Portal belonging to the National Data Portal has the web address: Users can also use the PostID accounts of Vietnam Post to access this National Data Portal for the items to be identified.