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Postal operators race for Digital Transformation

The "giants" in the postal sector are racing to apply technologies in production and business activities with a goal of successful digital transformation, dominating the battle for market share of billions of dollars.

Vietnam Post applies information technology in customer management, transportation and sorting automation…

With a current growth rate of 20-30% per year, the postal sector is estimated to reach 10 billion USD in revenue by 2030. Especially, the development of e-commerce with a market size estimated at 33 billion USD by 2025 is bringing a great opportunity for post and delivery service market. This opportunity is open to 435 businesses in the postal sector. But to win, right now, postal businesses must innovate, "transform" and first will conduct digital transformation.

As a "giant" in the postal sector, Vietnam Post Corporation (Vietnam Post) is not slow in the digital transformation. Since April 2019, the Digital Transformation Strategy has been urgently built and gradually concretized into programs and projects to comprehensively transform all aspects of Vietnam Post's operations, including: customer management innovation, sorting automation; initially building a smart management process for strategic management, finance - accounting, human resources; researching and piloting new digital services to meet the needs of digital and physical connection of individuals, businesses, governments at all levels.

“Vietnam Post pays special attention to digital transformation and gradually transforms into a technology enterprise in the postal sector. More than anyone, leadership team of Vietnam Post perceives that digital transformation is an important solution to adapt to the current changing environment”, said Mr. Chu Quang Hao, President and CEO of Vietnam Post.

Currently, Vietnam Post has a huge information technology application network, with nearly 20,000 computers connected to the network, more than 10,000 online connection points. Many transportation and sorting centers of Vietnam Post are equipped with automatic sorting systems, automatic information update functions. In addition, Vietnam Post is also designing and installing automatic barcode reading conveyors on a large scale, or deploying automatic cargo and parcel picking robots.

The implementation of the digital transformation strategy is the foundation and conditions for Vietnam Post to participate in Government projects (such as Itrithuc, Vmap, e-government, PostID, non-cash payments, resident database, social security...), as well as performing many tasks assigned by the Ministry of Information and Communications, including building postal address codes for each household, moving towards building a big data in the postal sector.

According to Mr. Chu Quang Hao, since 2020, Vietnam Post takes information technology as the foundation and effective tools and solutions to promote the modernization of production - business, improve productivity and service quality. In order to create a change in the development, taking the new opportunities in the coming period, Vietnam Post has developed major orientation plans, including pioneering in the research and deploy of the digital transformation strategy.

The post and delivery market is compared with a big and attractive pie but with extremely fierce competition. All businesses have the equal opportunity to gain market share if they own a technology platform that meets the market's demand. Especially, any business that can open the door of digital transformation will have the opportunity to gain the competitive advantages over others in this fierce battle field.