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Postmart helps farmers increase value of agricultural products with technology applications

As an e-commerce platform set up by the Vietnam Post Corporation (Vietnam Post), Postmart is offering many incentives to support rural people to increase product value through proactive application of technology in business operation.

Contributing to digital transformation in rural areas

With strengths of a large postal network reaching communes, wards and villages, Vietnam Post has a key factor for success  since its launching of Postmart platform in early last year. Vietnam Post has identified Postmart as an e-commerce floor to focus on providing and distributing special regional products, in which the products in One Commune One Product (OCOP) Program are in the priority list.

Right after launching, Postmart focuses on providing and distributing special regional products.

In July 2020, to support the implementation of the One Commune One Product (OCOP) Program, Vietnam Post and the Central New Rural Coordination Office signed a cooperation agreement. Accordingly, the two parties agreed to develop Postmart as a national trading floor for OCOP products.

According to statistics, up to now, there are more than 200 suppliers and distributors of OCOP products registered for business on the Postmart floor, corresponding to more than 600 OCOP products have been recognized. The consumption of specialty products in general and OCOP products in particular is accounting for a large proportion of the total transaction volume of Postmart.

Especially, the Postmart floor of Vietnam Post is joining with the Department of Information Technology - Ministry of Information and Communications and telecommunications and IT businesses to pilot digital transformation in some communes, typically Vi Huong (Bach Thong, Bac Kan), Yen Hoa (Yen Mo, Hoa Binh).

"With guidelines of online selling, the cooperatives in Vi Huong commune, Bach Thong district, Bac Kan province have sold more than 1,000 products through social networks and e-commerce floor Postmart", the representative of Information Technology Department, Ministry of Information and Communications said.

Gradually creating a habit of online selling for farmers

Sharing the difficulties in deploying agricultural products of farmers to sell on the Postmart e-commerce floor, the representative of Communications and Distribution Division of Vietnam Post's said that farmers only focused on production and became acquainted to new technology to sell products on e-commerce channels, so they found many confusions in manipulating and processing orders. To overcome this, Vietnam Post sent staff to support farmers and people who still need to get familiar with new selling technology.

Products of cooperatives at Vi Huong village, Bach Thong district, Bac Kan province on Postmart.

Talking about Postmart's plan with the orientation to stimulate demand for regional specialties and OCOP products of localities, the representative of the Communications and Distribution Division of Vietnam Post said that Postmart would continue to contact and bring OCOP product suppliers to engage in trading on the trading floor, update supplier data and new OCOP products, ensure timely distribution and communication of new products.

Along with that, the Postmart e-commerce floor will also support the process of receiving OCOP registration dossiers and send the results of product evaluation and classification at the post office system, commune culture; coordinate to organize seminars, activities to connect trade promotion, introduce OCOP products to consumers; participate in design and creative services to support OCOP economic organizations to develop, improve designs, and produce packaging of OCOP products with 3 stars standards…