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Vietnam Post focuses on parallel development of physical and digital flows

To ensure the goals of the development strategy, Vietnam Post as the national postal operator is promoting the technology applications in operation to move towards a successful digital transformation.

With a large network of over 13,000 service points, stretching from urban to rural, mountainous and island borders, Vietnam Post has outstanding strengths to create the difference of with other postal businesses. Speaking about the digital transformation of Vietnam Post in a recent conference, Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications affirmed that the digital transformation of Vietnam Post would have many differences compared to with other businesses. The most special feature was the application of technology and data to both promote the strength of the physical flow (service network, products and services, workforce ...) and perform smoothly the digital flow over cyberspace.

Automatic sorting system of Vietnam Post with capacity of 18,000 items/hour

Mr. Nguyen Hai Thanh, Chairman of the Board of Management of Vietnam Post affirmed that the digital transformation had been identified as a particularly important and vital mission of the Vietnam Post. In fact, Vietnam Post had implemented digital transformation quite early, through the implementation of projects associated with e-Government, digital government and application of technical achievements and information technology in production and business activities.

   From April 2019, the digital transformation strategy of the postal "giant" began to be implemented methodically and concretized into programs and projects covering all aspects of activities. These are not only programs that change the perception of digital transformation in all positions and positions, but also digital services business solutions, e-commerce development or overall management, transportation automation, payment automation, customer management system, data digitization, warehouse management software, multi-channel switchboard system, digital communication operations, extensive e-commerce development.

Typically, in the business field, Vietnam Post has implemented the MPITS information technology project providing a retail business management platform, setting up a data storage platform towards a comprehensive change of methods, production, sales and management methods of Vietnam Post in the retail distribution sector.

Postal address code Vpostcode will help carriers, logistics businesses
to improve operation efficiency and reduce transportation costs

In 2020, Vietnam Post has made a special benchmark when building the postal address code platform - Vpostcode with more than 23 million addresses nationwide. With this platform, not only Vietnam Post quickly applies to delivery and e-commerce services but also other businesses and organizations can also create new service business opportunities, optimize activities in their own operation.

For postmen, Vietnam Post is applying Pack & Send/ DingDong software to support the operation and management of postal items starting from the time of receiving data, distributing the delivery direction to the end of the transmission. With this software, the delivery and collection of goods items of more than 16,000 postmen has been more convenient and professional, all operations also become faster, more accurate, shortening the payment time for customers. For customers, Vietnam Post deployed the My Vietnam Post order management application with more than 220,000 users, reaching output of more than 22 million orders / month.

Especially in order to improve infrastructure capacity, move towards production automation, Vietnam Post currently owns the most modern automatic sorting system in Southeast Asia with a capacity of tens of thousands of parcels / hours; the ability to accurately sort many items with different volume sizes, accordingly meet the average growth rate of 30% / year, at the same time help reducing 70% of labors and 50% of labor costs.

Application of electronic payment helps improving service quality and bring new experience for customers

Promoting its strength as a multi-service provider with the postal finance service is one of the core postal services, Vietnam Post is currently cooperating with a number of banks and technology companies to develop the electronic platform to enable electronic payment and coordinate the cash flow in a timely manner, diversifying payment methods, improving service quality and increasing customer experience.

In the digital national flow, Vietnam Post will both ensure the material flow in parallel with flexibly development of the digital flow to continue its important role of the number one national postal operator in Viet Nam to reach the world and region level, also as a "big brother" to pioneer in the deployment and application of technology science in production and business development.