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Vietnam Post affirms its role of national postal operator with mission for community

With flexibility and creativity, Vietnam Post Corporation (Vietnam Post) not only maintains its position as a leading postal operator but also continues to affirm its pioneering role in the mission of serving the whole community.

Vietnam Post developed and put into operation the website "Hai Duong Agricultural Products" on its e-commerce floor

Ensure postal network stability during Covid-19

Four days prior to the Lunar New Year, when many people hustled to return to their homeland and reunited for Tet Holiday, Ms. Nguyen Thi Chuyên - a post office worker in Thuy An commune, Dong Trieu, Quang Ninh was temporarily away from her family to carry out concentrated isolation as required. She was in direct contact with F0 during the payment of pensions, social protection policies and other incentives policies for the devotees in early February 2021. Facing a high risk of infection, she did not care because she understood that timely payment to people before Tet is a social security policy of the Party and the Government and herself as a bridge to help the social insurance industry, the MOLISA to do this. She, like many post office people, knew that it was dangerous but always ready to "rush" into the epidemic center, serve the community, ensuring maximum needs of the people.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Chuyên - Cultural Post Office officer of Thuy An Commune, Dong Trieu District, Quang Ninh Province
did the payment of social protection policies to residents

When the third COVID-19 outbreak appeared in the center of Dong Trieu (Quang Ninh), Chi Linh (Hai Duong) and gradually spread to neighboring districts as well as other localities, Vietnam Post has implemented a series of solutions to ensure safety for employees and customers during the epidemic and maintained stable circulation network in difficult transport conditions in the quarrantine area.

This outbreak coincided with the Lunar New Year in Viet Nam and the demand for goods delivery increased. In Hai Duong, on average, the provincial post office receives 50-60 tons of goods per day. The social isolation of the whole province made the transportation and delivery of goods difficult. Overcoming the challenges, Vietnam Post immediately strengthened the capacity of networks, means of transport, arranged labors, organized reasonable routes to ensure goods during the shift, during the day of accurate and safe delivery to the recipient in the fastest time.

Maintaining the spirit of "Be present as soon as possible", Vietnam Post also organizes the transportation of many shipments of medical supplies, masks, antiseptic water, droplet shields for epidemic prevention, strengthening doctors and doctors on the frontline against epidemics.

Digital Map Vmap works effectively in COVID-19 prevention and control

As one of the key members in the National Covid-19 Steering Committee to develop the Covid Safe Living Map (, Vietnam Post continues to promote its strengths in providing and maintaining server infrastructure, map API, address information system ,.... for this platform. The Covid Safe Living Map is developed on the Vmap Digital Map platform with  constantly updated information about safe, risky, unsafe locations.

Covid Safe Living Map

On the basis of the Covid Safe Living Map, Vietnam Post cooperates with leading public health experts to develop a Covid Safety Map for Quang Ninh province and the F0, F1 entry map passing through in Chi Linh (Hai Duong) to provide full information about the travel routes, contacting people, danger warnings to the community.

With the Covid Safe Living Map, Vietnam Post expects to create habits for individuals and organizations nationwide and take daily specific actions on ensuring safety against COVID-19. helps Hai Duong farmers to sell agricultural products
With the mission of serving the community and the competitive advantage of a large network, covering every village, Vietnam Post has built and deployed its e-commerce floor since 2018. This floor is supplying more than 40,000 items, including about 3,000 types of OCOP products (National Program "One Commune One Product") and specialties with traditional values of each locality. Over the years, Postmart has become a bridge to bring thousands of products and agricultural products, placing regional products of small businesses, cooperatives and small-scale production households to reach millions of consumers across the country; contributing to increasing the value of products, raising incomes for people in the regions, and at the same time implementing the objectives of hunger eradicating, reducing poverty and building new rural areas.

Registering process to sell goods on Postmart e-commerce floor

When agricultural products of Hai Duong farmers are backlogged and difficult to reach buyers due to COVID-19, Vietnam Post has urgently built and put into operation the website "Hai Duong Agricultural Products" on Postmart e-commerce floor at the address: to join hands with Hai Duong farmers to consume agricultural products, organize surveys, work with suppliers to ensure quality, packaging and free shipping to buyers.
In the difficult conditions of the epidemic, Postmart has maximized its effectiveness in helping Hai Duong agricultural products reach customers throughout the country, boosting the consumption of large quantities of agricultural products. is an effective tool to connect producers with consumers, create prestige and brand for agricultural products and specialties not only of Hai Duong but also support many farmers, cooperatives, startup models of rural youth nationwide to approach, apply technology, digital transformation in production, agriculture, build new rural areas to contribute to fulfilling national goals.

Complete the data inputs in Project "National Database on Population"

Identifying the "National Database on Population" as an important national project, Vietnam Post mobilizes the whole postal network to invest in infrastructure for data inputs and arranged manpower to urgently import data safely, securely and accurately. Nearly 100 million people's information is fully and transparently inputed, making a key contribution to the completion and launch of the National Database on Population.

Vietnam Post completes the import of residential data and provides ID card delivery services to all residents

Fulfilling this noble political task is a great honor and pride, Vietnam Post is contributing in part to promoting digitalization in population management, minimizing administrative procedures, saving costs for people in travel, applying for confirmation of documents related to records of residents.

Noting this result, the Ministry of Public Security awarded certificates of merit to Vietnam Post for its particularly important contributions. In 2021, Vietnam Post will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Public Security to safely deliver citizen identification cards attached electronic chip to all people.

For Vietnam Post, these meaningful works are not only entrusted tasks, but also practical actions, carrying a great love of post office people, working together with great consensus to overcome all difficulties and challenges and always pioneer in carrying out its supreme mission of serving people and businesses; creating and spreading good values to the whole community.