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Vietnam Post innovates production organization to improve operation efficiency

In order to achieve the revenue and profit targets, at the same time, to create a breakthrough income for employees in 2021, Vietnam Post will thoroughly implement its production organization in all operation fields, especially with a focus on postal delivery services.

President and CEO Chu Quang Hao discussed with senior management learners
at the training course of operation management

Since the beginning of the year, Vietnam Post has organized 6 training courses on production organization and operation management for all subsidiaries to implement breakthrough ideas in organizing production and operation at each subsidiary on the whole postal network. Besides, at Vietnam Post headquarter, a working group is established to implement the most important tasks in 2021 for production organization and operation management.

Hai Duong sorting and transporting Center - the first subsidiary to pilot a production reorganization has now changed significantly in all areas such as re-structuring of operation layout, sorting area, heavy parcels, large customer post offices, newspaper sorting areas, inter-province and inner-province sorting areas… All areas on the operation layout are designed, named with instruction boards, traffic flows…

At the arrival and departure doors, proper layouts are designed for loading and unloading postal items, invested with equipment and tools. Empty tools are arranged neatly in prescribed areas.

All operation processes in the sorting areas are arranged in a logic working line

At delivery post offices, Hai Duong sorting and transporting Center designed the postman routes, work flow areas and storage areas to reduce the congestion at delivery post offices in the early working hours. In addition, the application of storage management software and call center system reduce the operation processes of operation delivery staff. Managing inventory, arrival and departure items during the day helps easy track and trace of postal items quickly and accurately and as a result, help to significantly save internal resources at each subsidiary. Currently, Hai Duong Center only needs 02 operation staff to handle the work at 2 delivery post offices with 35 routes. In addition, combination of mail routes in off-peak days helps optimizing delivery processes, postmen can alternately take a day-off for refreshing and generate spare labor, increase productivity.

According to Mr. Dao Duy Toan – Deputy Director of Hai Duong Post, this is just one of the basic changes at Hai Duong Center. The reorganizing of production brings clear change in operation, help reducing the redundant steps in operation thanks to continuous, logical time saving operation process, increase productivity and efficiency of delivery of goods items to the inner-provincial areas.

"All steps in the sorting sections are arranged in a direct and logical manner. There are places to gather goods to wait for sorting, opening tables, baskets, cages, shelves for detailed sorting, packing areas, delivery waiting areas. Along with that, the traffic flow is clearly designed in order not to conflict each other, postal items are cleared through the one-way process, help us improve productivity, labor quality and shorten customer service time", Mr. Dao Duy Toan also added.

Vietnam Post will focus on comprehensive organizing production renovation to improve
the capability of sorting and clearing all postal items as expected by customers

Mr. Chu Quang Hao, President and CEO of Vietnam Post said that if 2020 Vietnam Post focused on business development innovation, in 2021, Vietnam Post would focus on a comprehensive task of organization production renovation.  After 06 training courses on production organization, all subsidiaries would build and report on the production organization plan in 2021 so that in the first quarter of 2021 they would start implementing their set forth business plans in all business fields. From the organization of business development, the re-organization of service points, transaction counters to the organization of the network of transportation, sorting and customer services, breakthrough innovations would be made. Especially, Vietnam Post would focus on applying new technologies at all stages of production. For example, at the sorting process, Vietnam Post would promote the automation of sorting lines, divided into to improve the processing and capacity of sorting centers, meeting the increasing mail volume, especially to meet demand of e-commerce development.

Mr. Chu Quang Hao also shared that Vietnam Post would put into operation the automatic sorting system in the Central Sorting Center. This automatic sorting line system would have a capacity of 12,000 items per hour with high accuracy. Especially, the system could sort parcels from 0.1kg to 30kg with diverse sizes, suitable for sorting e-commerce postal items. The sorting system would also sort detailed items to provincial and district routes in 9 provinces in the Central of Viet Nam and to delivery post offices in Da Nang City.