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Bac Ninh province: Collection of dossier to renew driving license at Communial Cultural Post Offices

The Department of Transportation (MOT) has cooperated with Bac Ninh Post to collect dossier of renewing driving license at the Communal Culture-Post Offices in 06 communes, namely Van Ninh, Binh Duong (Gia Binh district); Minh Tan, An Thinh (Luong Tai district); Nguyet Duc, Song Lieu (Thuan Thanh district) in order to assist people in performing the renewal procedures for driving license in compliance with the regulations of the Transportation sector which are carried out by the Communal Culture-Post Offices’ staff.

Checking the conditions of collecting dossier to renew driving license at the Communal Culture-Post Office in An Thinh commune (Luong Tai)

 The prominent advantages of collecting dossiers to renew driving license at Communal Culture-Post Offices are to reduce the State budget expenditures, reduce financial costs and travelling time for people; significantly lessen pressure for collecting counter at the provincial Public Administrative Center ...

 At present, the Department of Transportation is co-ordinating with Bac Ninh Post to effectively maintain the collection of dossiers to renew driving license at the Post Offices of the following districts: ThuanThanh, Gia Binh and Luong Tai. Prior to that, the Department of Transportation and Bac Ninh Post have checked the conditions of operation and facilities such as: computer and software systems, portrait pictures receiving room, waiting room to collect dossiers and delivery results, online surveillance camera system, system of boards, tables and documents publicizing administrative procedures as well as capability of the dossier-receiving staff... to ensure the compliance with current regulations and the readiness of serving people’s need.