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Attractive promotion of international mail & parcel services, international EMS service

On the occasion of the World Postal Day 09th October 2018, from 01st October 2018 to 30th November 2018, Vietnam Post has hold an attractive promotion program for customers all over the country who uses international mail & parcel services, international EMS service.

All customers using international mail & parcel services (customers using international heavy items service are not included) and international EMS service shall be presented a CN01 coupon (International reply coupon). In specific, when customers use international mail & parcel services and international EMS of which the value is up to VND 500,000, 01 CN01 coupon will be offered. For every next VND 500,000 (odd amount doesn’t count), another 01 CN01 coupon shall be presented.

Each CN01 coupon has value equivalent to VND 27,000 with VAT included.

Customers shall use the given CN01 coupon to pay for the charge of outbound basic mail services (including ordinary mail and ordinary postcard of which the weight is up to 20g).

When customers use the CN01 coupon for basic international mail services, the collecting post office shall seal the postmark and base on the address of receiving country written on item to paste on a postal stamp or a franking seal which has equivalent value of a basic mail sent from Vietnam to that country.

Date of promotion is from 01st October 2018 to 30th November 2018 or when it is out of CN01 coupon depending on what conditions to advance.

In order to be widely broadcasted, Vietnam Post together with provincial and urban Post particularly focused on organizing media event to all customers. Besides the publication of information on the website of Vietnam Post via address:, Fanpage of Vietnam Post: and website, Fanpage of provincial and urban Post, posts offices and sales team of provincial and urban Posts also organize many marketing and promotion activities for customers all over the country.

International mail & parcel services, international EMS service are delivery services for documents, items, goods from sender to receiver between Vietnam and about 200 countries in the world within the Universal Postal Union – UPU via Vietnam Postal’s postal network.