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Vietnam Post Delegation accompanied H.E. Prime Minister to attend the 10th Me Kong – Japan Summit

In two days from 09th ~ 10th October 2018, the Delegation of Vietnam Post joined the official Delegation headed by H.E. Prime Minister of the Government Nguyen Xuan Phuc, attending the 10th Mekong – Japan Summit in Tokyo, Japan.


H.E. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc spoke at the Vietnam – Japan Investment Promotion Conference. Photo: VGP/Quang Hieu

Accordingly, Chairman of the Board of Management H.E. Pham Anh Tuan and Vietnam Post’s Delegation attended the Mekong – Japan Investment Forum held by JETRO; The Vietnam Investment Promotion Forum was held by JETRO in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning & Investment and Vietnam Embassy in Japan. 

The Mekong – Japan Investment Forum attracted the participation of about 600 delegates, mostly are entrepreneurs of Japan and Mekong.

Spoke at the Forum, H.E. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc focused on the potentials, advantages of Mekong region. This area has the highest speed of economics growth in the world with the average of 6% last year; population scale is up to 240 million people and GDP is USD 800 billion, it is the 9th biggest exporting region in the world.

Informed about the investment potential in Vietnam, H.E. Prime Minister emphasized on the stable macroscopic and political-social environment, economic growth is always maintained at high rate which is nearly 7% in September this year. Vietnam has important strategic Geo-politics, Geo-economics, Geo-trade within the region and furthermore. Its stock market is among the highest growth rate in the world. Vietnam is also assessed as the next factory of the world, the next industrial center with the trade openness is 200% of GDP. H.E. Prime Minister also spoke about the potentials of trading and investment development and the digital economy in Vietnam with many people using internet and cell-phones. Vietnam was also successful in attracting oversea investment with 26 thousand projects and total capital reaching about USD 330 billion, in which, last year, Japan returned to be the biggest investor in Vietnam.

Vietnam is also determining to build a Government of integrity, tectonics, development and action, serving the people, entrepreneurs in order to create a proper environment for investment and business.


H.E. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and Vietnam Delegation attended the 10th Mekong – Japan Summit

With the topic of “New opportunity, new vision for foreign investment in Vietnam”, the Conference was held by the Ministry of Planning & Investment in cooperation with Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), attracting the attendance of over 1,200 Japanese and Vietnamese entrepreneurs.

At the event, H.E. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasized that with Vietnam, in terms of economy, Japan is currently the biggest ODA supplier of Vietnam, taking 2nd place of FDI investment with over USD 52 billion, and 4th place of trading relationship with over USD 33 billion. In 2017, Japan was the biggest investor of Vietnam with total registered capital of over USD 9 billion. As for the first 08 months of 2018, Japanese investors has continued to take the lead with total investment capital reaches USD 7 billion, covering 28.8% of total capital which is invested into Vietnam.

Vietnam has approved the industrialization strategy of Vietnam within the cooperation framework between Vietnam – Japan up to 2020, with a vision to 2030, in which 06 industrial fields are prioritized to be developed: Electronics, agriculture machines, aquatic & agricultural processing, shipbuilding, environment and energy saving, automobile and accessories manufacture. In the context of the industry revolution 4.0, Vietnam is step by step moving its driving force of economics growth towards high added value fields, using advanced technologies and high quality labour forces. Vietnam owns the advantages and potentials in many fields. Vietnamese Government wants Japanese entrepreneurs to focus their investment in such fields: infrastructure development, clean energy, processing industry, electronics industry, manufacturing industry, supporting industry, high technologies agriculture, logistics, air industry, high class hotels…

Vietnam encourages Japanese entrepreneurs to invest high quality infrastructures and facilities, such as traffic system, energy system, telecom system, industrial park’s infrastructure in many flexible form in the context of Japanese Government is promoting high quality infrastructure Program for Mekong area.

Within the framework of the 10th Mekong – Japan Summit, Vietnam Post took the meeting with some Japanese entrepreneurs to discuss about the fields of common interest.