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Vietnam Post Office organized professional online bidding training courses in 2019

On 8th March 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam Post held the 2019 online bidding training courses for investment officers and capital construction specialists at unit.

Based on overall plan and schedule of 2016-2025 online bidding period promulgated with Decision No.1402/Decision-On Paper dated 13/07/2016 of the Prime Minister, in 2019-2025, the Prime Minister demanded a minimum of 70% the number of bidding packages covered by Bidding Law to perform on the National Bidding Network. Along with that, Directive no. 47/Directive-On Paper dated 27/12/2017 about reorganizing the bidding work in development, investment projects and regular shopping activities using procurement of state capital, the Prime Minister also requires investor and bid solicitors to plan to recruit bidding staff to participate in training courses and guidance on online bidding.

Online bidding is one of the most important component of e-government, through using information technology, communication into the interaction process among all related, including: Investor/ Bid Solicitor, contractors, supervisory agencies, state management agencies, service providers, society organization in procurement and contract performance management to improve capacity governance, ensuring the effectiveness of the project, to help developing socio-economic development, reforming administrative procedures, increase publicity, transparency, competitive and economic efficiency in bidding; preventing the corruption effectively.

For Vietnam Post Office, 2016-2018 period has performed online bidding for small-scale packages. Through the overall review, the savings rate by online bidding is quite high compared to offline bidding. In order to implement Government documents and ensure investors’ right, from 2019-2025, the Corporation will consider requesting dependent accounting units and subsidiaries to organize online bidding in order to ensure the implementation at least 70% numbers of bidding packages covered by the Biding Law shall be performed on the National Bidding Network.

To those requests, students will be guided directly by experts from National Procurement Center under the Bidding Administration on bidding process and operations online. Specifically, the training program includes 4 topics: General introduction on the legal framework and the National Procurement Network system; Practice the process of registration for issuing digital certificates; Post bidding information on the system; Contractors selection and opening bids online. In addition, students will work with experts and exchange common errors encountered during their work.

According to plan, the online training program for 2019 online bidding will be divided into 3 classes, each taking place within 1,5 days. Classes will be hosted in 3 locations, Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City with the participation of more than 230 students from functional departments of the Corporation and units.