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PTI applies electronic bill replacing paper bill

Started from April 2019, Post and Telecommunication Joint Stoke Insurance Corporation (PTI) has implemented to apply electronic bill to replace paper bill through its units: PTI Thang Long, PTI Sai Gon, PTI Thoi Dai So. It is expected to be deployed simultaneously on all member units of PTI on 01st June 2019.

According to PTI, electronic bill fully consist legal natures recognized and allowed to replace paper bill by the Ministry of Finance and General Department of Taxation. When the electronic bill is deployed, PTI will not return paper bill to customers as they did before.

When customers want to look up for the bill, they can view and download it at the website address:

with the searching code sent to the email address registered by the customers; In case customers need to receive paper bill, they can contact the company for the issuance of bill transferred from electronic bill in compliance with current regulations.