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Vietnam Post provides identification services to the whole community

Vietnam Post has organized an online tele-conference to 63 provincial posts across the country on the deployment of electronic identification service. This is not only a requirement in building an e-government but also a new business direction of Vietnam Post in the coming time.

President and CEO Chu Quang Hao instructed VNPost subsidiaries to speed up the process of providing ID identification services
to ensure accurate and safe ID information

In Vietnam, each individual and business has their own ID code, such as social security code, medical ID code, tax code, enterprise code, bank account code, SIM code… To identify their information in public service portals, user account and password are required but it is insufficient to ensure accurate and safe ID information.

Vietnam Government requires for suitable solutions on the basis of the above available codes to identify relevant information of all citizens. On December 9, 2019, National Public Service Portal is supposed to open for individuals and businesses to access and submit their dossiers from their accounts, which must be identified by high trust organizations.

With large network, multi services and high trust from many customers, Vietnam Post was appointed as one of ID provider to offer free-of-charge identification services to the whole community in Vietnam. Vietnam Post is completing PostID system to provide this service at all its post offices nationwide.

To identify ID information of individuals and businesses, it is possible to come to any post office to register for an account or self- register on PostID at the website:

To be identified any individual and business on PostID, individual or business must submit relevant documents for checking and their updated information will be input into PostID. After that, they will be granted with an account on PostID to access to the system of VNPost (My VNPost and other related systems) to use VNPost services and to connect with other systems which are linked with VNPost without any declaration requirements.

President and CEO Chu Quang Hao highlighted the importance of deployment of this system on the whole postal network to match the trend of electronic transaction in the future; reaffirmed the accuracy and safety of the information right from the beginning time of implementation; instructed directors of provincial posts to speed up the process to provide professional services. VNPost will conduct intensive training courses for all related staff and employees to access the system to identify their own ID information and then offer this service with high accuracy and safety to the whole communities. This helps saving cost and improving operation for both citizens, businesses, government, especially in improvement of public service quality.