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Online Friday 2019: Over 3 million successful order transactions

The Organizer of Online Friday 2019 estimated that the number of order transactions for the whole market has reached over 3 million, increasing 67% increase compared to that of 2018.

Consumers experienced the technology and shopping with QR Code at Vietnam Post booth

A day after the launching of Online Shopping Day – Online Friday 2019, up until 24:00 on December 6th, the feedback of consumers and businesses regarding Online Friday 2019 program has been positive.

The latest information from the organizer states that during the golden 24-hours there were 95.000 genuine products and 720 new businesses registered in the program. The total number of business and retail website participating in the program raises to over 3840.

According to the statistics released by 50 participating businesses, the number of orders with successful transaction is estimated to be over 1.1 million in 24 hours of December 6th. The organizer estimates the number of orders for the whole market reached over 3 million which is a 67% increase compared to 2018. Participating businesses displayed satisfaction with the organization in term of sales and communication efficiency, and image promotion.

During this 24-hour of online shopping, there were 11.9 million interactions across the system; 35000 app downloads; 1,6 million QR scans to participate in the event programs and 3,992 vouchers successfully booked through the online shopping system. The most sold products are of technology, beauty cosmetics, culinary health.

Previously in the evening of December 5th, Online Shopping Day – Online Friday 2019 was launched simultaneously in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City with over 50,000 genuine products from 1,000 brands with up 70% discounts.

The representative of the organizer also affirmed, the 50,000 genuine products registered to be in the program have been controlled regarding product origin, from major e-commerce platforms and reputable Vietnamese brands as well as distributors of genuine products ... Products launched on this occasion include essential items for Tet, household appliances, technology, cosmetics, genuine fashion, airline tickets, books and stationery. .

With the highlight of Online Friday 2019 is the Big Off event - Digital Technology and E-commerce experiences. Nearly 1 million consumers have had the opportunity to personally experience the technology and shopping using QR Code from December 8th to 12th in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. Additionally, consumers from other places in Vietnam can have the same experience through various channels such as television and online platforms.

According to the organizer, the success of a national e-commerce event like Online Friday 2019 comes from the contribution of partners in the area of payment and transfer infrastructure, delivery, product origin distribution and price comparison. For example, Vietnam Post agreed to supports up to 100% of delivery costs; the I-check system verifying the origin and transparency of product information to help the consumers to buy products safely. Price comparison system also played a big part in ensuring there is no virtual discount in the program.

The organizer has announced that 2019 will be the opening year for the regular activities of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to provide consumers with genuine only "every Friday" products which will take place starting on 12/12 on the website system and Online Friday app (iOS and Android).