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Vietnam Post ranks No. 1 in post and delivery sector

With an increase in revenue of over 22%, profit of over 20%, application of information technology widely on all its business activities, Vietnam Postal was honored to be ranked first among top 500 largest businesses in Vietnam.

In the afternoon, 9 January 2020, at the announcement ceremony of Top 500 largest businesses in Vietnam in 2019, Vietnam Post was honored to become one of the best businesses in Vietnam. In the list of 500 largest businesses in Vietnam, there were only two businesses listed and Vietnam Post was ranked first among other other carriers in Vietnam in 2019.

Previously, in November 2019, Vietnam Post was listed one of leading postal operators in the list of VNR 500-TOP 500 best profitable businesses in Vietnam.

In 2019, in the context of fierce market competition, Vietnam Post both completed their obligations to provide public postal services across the country, especially in rural areas, mountainous areas, remote areas and maintained a high growth rate in terms of revenue and profit. This is one of the remarkable points for Vietnam Post recognized by the Organizer of VNR 500 Ranking List in the year 2019.

In addition to its strengths of large postal network with coverage event to communes and villages in Vietnam, Vietnam Post focused on increasing the capacity of transportation on the basis of using the vehicles with large capacity. A part from thousands of postal trucks, airway routes, Vietnam Post is operating containers with Vietnam Post brand on the 40-hour North-South train with an aim to improve transportation speed and quality of transport to customers’ needs. Recently, Vietnam Post has continued to operate around 100-container express train trips on North-South railway routes.

Vietnam Post received the Annual Award for Top 500 Largest Businesses in Vietnam in 2019

In addition to its post and delivery capacity improvement, Vietnam Post became an outstanding postal operator with diversified business areas to provide real services to individuals and businesses across Vietnam. In 2019, more than 14 million records of people and businesses have been handled in the program ò administrative procedure reform.

Now people can only come the closest post office to submit their administrative dossiers for settlement. Post Office staff receives, handles and delivers the result to addressees.

In 2019, Vietnam Post deeply engaged in the implementation of government projects, such as "Vietnam Digital Map Data Platform" (VMAP), developing an addressing database on humanitarian addresses; implementing the postal addressing project to assign address code to each household; national residential database.

Vietnam Post also got target before deadline on voluntary social insurance. In 2019, Vietnam Post developed 260,000 voluntary social insurance participants, accounting for over 90% of total voluntary insurance participants of Vietnam Social Security system.

At the annual meeting held by Vietnam Post to implement Business Plan 2020, Mr. Pham Anh Tuan, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications said that Vietnam Government appreciated the role and full engagement of Vietnam Post in the implementation of the key national projects, especially, the implementation of E-Government, Vietnam Post became one of the first and successful participants.

In order to maintain the number-1 position in the postal sector, Mr. Chu Quang Hao, President and CEO of Vietnam Post said, Vietnam Post would focus on the strategy of digital transformation, extensive participation in the field of public administration, continuing administrative reform to optimize operations, accelerate the exchange of information, participate in the implementation of electronic government, support individuals and enterprises to perform public services online, continue to promote business, improve service efficiency, strengthening resources to ensure the sustainable development of Vietnam Post in the next periods.