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Vietnam Post quickly delivers postal items before Lunar New Year

In order to create the active and convenient provision of postal services on Lunar New Year, Vietnam Post announced its plan to serve Tet holiday 2020 on the whole postal network.

Post Office level 1 (big post offices in the centre of province and city) would be open to customers until the end of 23 January 2020 and re-open from 28 January 2020. Post Office level 2 and 3 (smaller post office) and cultural commune post offices basing on their real conditions in different areas would announce opening and closing time and arrange appropriate number of employees to ensure effective postal operation.

For domestic EMS services, depending on address of individuals and businesses, especially end-to-end standard delivery time, postal items are delivered before 22 January 2020. On Hanoi – Hochiminh – Danang departure and return routes, postal items sent to businesses and organizations are ensured to be delivered before 12.00, 21 January 2020. For individual addresses, Vietnam Post will deliver postal items before 12.00, 22 January 2020.

For international EMS services, post offices in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh will be delivered by afternoon 21 January; in Danang by afternoon 20 January. Post Office will receive EMS items again from 28 January 2020.

As usual, on Tet holiday, Vietnam Post also open postal kios and mobile post offices to serve people at recreation areas, big festival in each different area.

To ensure best serving all people during Lunar New Year holiday, Vietnam Post directed all its subsidiaries and member countries to make suitable operation plans to deliver all postal items on time, safely with best service quality.

For money transfer services, Post Office will make payment for domestic and international remittance services by the end of 23 January 2020. This service will be provided again from 28 January 2020. 
The cash into account collection service will be provided until 19 January 2020 and starts opening again from 30 January.
For Postal-saving services, retirement credit, public officer credit will be provided until 24 January and resumes its normal operation from 28 January. 
Especially for the pension payment services and social security services have been complete in January, for those who have not yet got their payment, post offices will pay them on 28 and 29 January 2020. 
In order to ensure service quality, on its whole network, Vietnam Post requires its subsidiaries to organize operation and deliver postal items, make payment on time as required by the time standard. When the volume of postal items increases sharply more than its plan, Vietnam Post and its subsidiaries actively arrange postal trucks, labors, increase working shifts to ensure stock clearance.