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Two IT applications are launched for Covid-19 control and prevention

In the afternoon, 9 March, Vietnam Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) and Ministry of Health (MH) announced to launch two medical supporting IT applications for Vietnamese people and foreigners in Vietnam. Vietnam Post also contributed to the development of Covid-19 map in NCOVI application.

Accordingly, MIC and MH recommend all Vietnamese people to use NCOVI to provide information to find suspicious cases to have active disease control and prevention methods. Basing on data collected, health system can know these suspicious cases to ensure the fastest and most effective medical support.

All residents provide personal information and their health status in the tool “Medical Residency Declaration” on the main PC screen. They need to declare frequently and update the data in the tool “Health Supervision”.

This application shows Covid-19 map developed by Vietnam Post, in which shows data on the epidemic so users can select GPRS positions including information on related images of Covid-19 to know about the isolation area, nearby distance related to the epidemic.

This map was developed by experts of Vietnam Post for over 12 hours from evening 8 March to 8.00, 9 March 2020 to timely update the information on NCOVI to provide accurate information, supporting the Covid-19 National Steering Committee in visual observation and instruction. For residents, they can use this application to know about high risk areas alerted by MH to self-prevent and control.

This map will pave the ground for Vietnam Post to continue conducting other applications to warn all residents of high risk areas, infectious risks to avoid effectively.

Vietnam Health Declaration application was also introduced at the ceremony for immigrants to Vietnam to declare medical status, it helps find suspicious cases to ensure active disease prevention and control methods.

“Continue upgrading and extending applications without limit”

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam emphasized the national publicity of these two applications and the Covid-19 map. With these applications, all information declared by residents will be controlled strictly by government and only used for the epidemic control and prevention.

Prime Minister also called for the use of all residents and emphasized that this was not compulsory medical declaration but the most realistic contribution of all residents in government’s anti-epidemic solution.

He also called for all businesses to join in upgrading, expanding these application without any limit to not only provide information of users to medical agencies but also add more functions to serve the epidemic control and prevention.

For this matter, Minister of Information and Communication Nguyen Manh Hung also requested digital IT businesses to join upgrading and expanding these applications to increase efficiency in Vietnam and to contribute to the world for the success in the epidemic control and prevention.