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13,681 records are processes on National Public Services Portal

After three months in operation of National Public Services Portal, 161 online public services level 3, 4 have so far been integrated on this portal, especially services in the fields of commerce and industry, electricity, traffic and transportation, justice, public security, social security…

Interface of National Public Services Portal

Adding more online public services on National Public Services Portal

In the afternoon, 13 March 2020, at the National Public Services Portal implementation evaluation conference, the Government Office announced new services on this portal, including: traffic fine collection, payment of some types of taxation, issue of justice personal form, registration for birth certificate, registration for labor contract supply, cancel and declare additional information in custom declaration form.

Also in the report of the Government Office, the online payment system on the portal has been operated to accept online payments of tax, fee, administrative violation fine and other financial obligations in administrative procedure settlement and provision of public services. At present, payment of administrative service fee, charges in An Giang, motorbike and automobile registration fee payment in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, traffic fine payment in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Danang, Binh Thuan, payment of personal income, enterprise tax, business license tax are all integrated online on this portal.

Total of 13,681 online records have been transacted on this portal, in which two services with the largest number of online records are promotion announcement (9,246) and driving license renewal (3,000).

In the coming time, the Government Office will cooperate with ministries, industries, localities to complete connecting, integrating this portal with online one-door information system in ministerial and provincial levels; especially, to select public services with big transaction to integrate, provide on this portal. In 2020, at least 30% of online public services level 3, 4 of ministries, industries and local authorities are provided on this portal.

Vietnam Post delivers results to addressees

To facilitate residents in receiving results after using online public services on National Public Services Portal, Vietnam Post is assigned by the Government to deliver records, documents to addressees. Vietnam Post commits to deliver accurately, safely to addressees, ensure delivery time standards.

Identifying this top priority and important mission, Vietnam Post has developed a process of providing services in close cooperation with ministries, industries and local authorities to deliver the results to addressees as required.

Residents register to use acceptance and delivery services for traffic fine records at post offices at Ho Chi Minh City

For acceptance and delivery services provided to traffic violators on National Public Services Portal, post office staff accepting records, documents from traffic police agencies make a handover report with detailed information of violator, relevant documents and delivery time, then basing on the addressee information from National Public Services Portal, post office staff complete work process to deliver the results to right addressees, right time and place, collect right service fee as regulated. Especially, postmen require addressees to show relevant personal documents to check information to ensure correct and sufficient delivery to addressees.

Vietnam Post continues electronic identification and authentication for residents at post office.

A part from provision of record, document delivery services, Vietnam Post is now continuing to create accounts for individuals and businesses to access National Public Services Portal. Creating accounts is conducted in different forms to support individuals and businesses. They can self-register on PostID system, then bring their relevant documents to the nearest post office for checking, identifying, activating accounts, or directly come to post office to submit relevant documents to get support to create accounts.

In addition, post office staff also actively introduce and create PostID accounts for customers when they use postal services.

To increase users of National Public Services Portal, Vietnam Post will support individuals and businesses, especially residents in rural areas, remote areas to access and submit records online on this portal at post offices and commune culture postal points. Vietnam Post also cooperates to integrate VMAP, national post code on National Public Services Portal to increase the system utility to attract individuals and businesses to access, use more services.