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Vietnam Post is assigned to develop address code system nationwide

With the database of Vmap system on national post code developed by Vietnam Post, with its nation-scaled network capacity and employees competent in all addresses in each ward and commune, Vietnam Post has been assigned by Vietnam Ministry of Information and Communication to develop the address code system. To date, Vietnam Post has assigned codes to over 23 million addresses nationwide.

Vietnam Post staff updates the address in the address code system

There are some issues in the address code system in Vietnam such as “a house without a number, a street without a name” in urban areas, updates of address do not match the real changes. In rural and mountainous areas, addresses are assigned to village, commune rather than to each household.

These issues affect the administration management of regulators, cause inconveniences to the people, businesses to contact and provide services to customers, especially carriers, logistics and ecommerce services providers to optimize their business operation.

At the 8th Meeting of the National Assembly Course 14, Minister of Information and Communication Nguyen Manh Hung reaffirmed that Vietnam needed to develop an address code system reaching to each household across the country in order to promote e-commerce and digital economy.

With Vmap database platform and post code system developed by Vietnam Post and its nation-scaled network capacity and competent employees with sound knowledge about addresses in each area, Vietnam Post continues to get a mission to develop this address code system.

Database store is frequently updated on Vietnam Post’s software “Collecting address data”

So far, Vietnam Post has assigned codes to over 23 million addresses nationwide, designed address code interaction tools for users and completed the process of managing, updating, sharing address codes with individuals, regulators and businesses. In addition, Vietnam Post has also developed a software “Collecting address data” for post office staff, especially postmen, commune delivery staff, culture commune post office staff to update to enrich database store accurately.

Address code includes 12 characters of digits and letters, in which 5 first characters are national post code of administrative units to commune, district; 7 later characters are open location codes.

Accordingly, users can use smart tools to connect Internet to easily identify the address code right at existing position or to search, position, instruct and share address conveniently.

The system will provide QR codes and detailed information on administrative geography of concerned addresses. The system also allows encoding and sharing address code into user’s location.

Particularly, with Map4D system, users are also equipped with many smart tools to view all positions of an address, especially in public locations. Map4D allows going deep inside each building, tourist and restaurant places… with real images. This system brings interesting experience to users and contributes to develop services for businesses on information of services, products at their address codes.

Address code includes 12 characters of digits and letters

A part from common functions, to use more specific tools, users can create accounts to access to the address code system. Their accounts can be created on this address code system or via accounts of PostID, Facebook and Google accounts.

Accordingly, users can save individual address information, search such saved addresses, customize object groups…, especially users can update and enrich address data by themselves on the address code system.

The address database development by Vietnam people contributes regulators in working with documents on addresses of citizens, supporting and aid activities can be faster and more accurate with the functions of road/street positioning and searching.

Individuals and businesses also have more opportunities for business development on standardized address database, promote IT application, improve service quality, increase business operation efficiency for future digital economy development of Vietnam.