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Vietnam Post ensures to provide good postal services during Covid-19

In respond to the complexity of Covid-19 pandemic, President and CEO Mr. Chu Quang Hao called for individuals and subsidiaries of Vietnam Post to promote the spirit of solidarity to carry out successfully the mission to serve the community and take measures to fight against Covid-19 and to ensure effective production and business activities.

100% of officers, transaction  post office staff, postmen, operator workers and departments/sections wearing masks
during direct contact with customers

Vietnam Post is thoroughly aware that officers, employees and business units continue to strictly implement the Covid-19 prevention measures. With the mission of serving the community, Vietnam Post is always following the customer-centric approach, so Vietnam Post requires 100% of officers, transaction  post office staff, postmen, operator workers and departments/sections wearing masks during direct contact with customers.

At all workplaces, especially sections/departments/divisions are in direct constant contact with customers, Vietnam Post strictly implements the epidemiological hygiene principle. Vietnam Post has equipped transaction points with antiseptic sanitizer, required post  office staff to comply with the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization (WHO) on epidemic prevention solutions in the workplace and in daily activities. At the same time, customers are advised to wear masks and use sanitizer according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health during their transactions at post offices.

Customers can use the app My Vietnam Post to speed up the acceptance process,
reduce the time of communication at post offices when sending postal items.

As a designated postal operator, assigned to manage and carry out public service missions, with a large network covering the whole communes and wards, in any case, Vietnam Post will continue to maintain its the stability of a network for handling, transporting, strengthening to providing public administrative services, supplying essential necessities via e-commerce platform. As for the delivery sector, Vietnam Post will maximize its capacity of vehicles to ensure the best flow of goods during the Covid-19 pandemic in the localities. Especially, Vietnam Post has also developed its own plans for transporting mail and parcels, essential goods of aid package, equipment and supplies to the Covid area ... to ensure the highest goal of provide the fastest and safest delivery services. Vietnam Post encourages customers to use My Vietnam Post app to speed up the acceptance process, reduce the time to communicate at post offices when sending goods.

In addition, to reduce traveling, gathering in crowds to receive administrative procedure settlement results at One-door section at post offices and to avoid spreading Covid, Vietnam Post continues to coordinate closely with localities and relevant authorities to receive dossiers, deliver administrative procedure settlement results public postal services or submit online dossiers and return results at Post Offices.

Vietnam Post works closely with functional agencies to accept applications,
return results of administrative procedures settlement through public postal services

One of the remarkable points is that in the coming years, provincial and city posts will closely coordinate with the Department of Education and Training, junior high schools and high schools to organize the service of delivering score records, transcripts and graduation certificate and diploma to addressees. The delivery of these important documents not only creates favorable conditions for pupils and their parents to save time, travel costs, ensure traffic safety, but also contribute to Covid-19 prevention and control, especially in the current increasing complexity of Covid-19.

For public administration services only, from the beginning of 2020 until now, an estimated 10 million records of administrative procedures of individuals, organizations and businesses have been received and returned results to their homes. In the first and second quarters of 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, to restrict people from going to a crowded place, the majority of localities temporarily stopped receiving dossiers directly at public administrative service centers to switch to online public services at level 3 and 4 and receive dossiers and return results via public postal services. In March and April 2020 alone, during the peak period of social distancing, there were still nearly 3 million records selected to use by the community at  Post Offices.

Dossiers and results of administrative procedures are delivered to addressees safely and accurately by Vietnam Post

100% of dossiers and results of administrative procedures are delivered safely and accurately to the addresses, all documents and papers are kept unchanged and no damage or loss. There is also no claim from citizens, organizations and state agencies about the attitude and quality of service when they receive records and results of administrative procedures delivered by Vietnam Post.

In the first 6 months of 2020, while providing public postal services and implementing important programs and projects of the Government and especially in the Covid-19 pandemic causing a significant impact on the operation network, Vietnam Post has still achieved more than 12,600 billion dong in revenue. Core business fields of postal services, postal financial services, distribution communication and public administration services also keep growing, ensuring stable employment and income for all employees on the whole postal network.