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Vietnam Post launches Stamp Set “Road Traffic Safety” (Set 1)

To contribute propagating to raise people’s awareness of obeying the Road Traffic Law, Viet Nam Ministry of Information and Communications co-operated with the National Traffic Safety Committee to issue 03 stamp sets with the theme of “Road Traffic Safety” in 2020, 2021 and 2022 to convey the messages from 12 Golden Rules on traffic safety in the #3,500 Lives Traffic Safety Campaign.

On 5 September 2020, the stamp set “Road Traffic Safety” (Set 1) designed by Mr. Nguyen Du, Vietnam Post was launched on the occasion of Traffic Satety Month.

The stamp set includes 04 stamps, with size 37 x 37 mm overflow photographic design. Each stamp design (in English and Vietnamese) carries color, image and content with clear and specific message.

Design 1: Never drink and drive

Design 2: Buckle up

Design 3: Wear a helmet

Design 4: Use a child safety seat

When the country was still in a war, 20 people or more sacrificed their lives each day, which was a great but very meaningful loss – sacrifice for the independence of the nation, the freedom of the people. But now the war went far away, peace remains, but every year, on average, more than 20 people die, nearly 40 are injured, many are even injured for their whole life. All are caused by traffic accidents, and vehicles including mainly cars, motorcycles, motorcycles are the main cause due to the traffic law disobey of drivers, excessive blood alcohol concentration, spleen, ham mocking of a part of bad traffic participants.

The National Traffic Safety Committee has called on the whole population to implement the following principles when participating in traffic including "Four No, Three Yes": No drinking alcohol, speeding over, overtaking red lights, using vehicles without driving license; No encroaching on pavements, roadways, traffic safety corridors; No bad habits when dealing with people participating in traffic and during traffic accidents; No causing accidents when participating in traffic. "Three yes" includes: Fully understanding traffic laws; Having the highest sense of responsibility to yourself and the community; Behaving culturally and cooperating to help victims in traffic accidents.

With the message "Traffic safety is everyone and every households’ responsibility”, we should be deeply aware of traffic safety and with our practical actions in obeying the law on traffic safety to build traffic culture. Each word associated with an action of each person, even small but with great significance to individual, family and society. We always strive to fulfill our obligations and responsibilities on the "Traffic Front", to bring happiness to ourselves, to everyone, every household and to the whole society.

Stamp sets are available on public postal networks from September 5, 2020 to June 30, 2022.