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More than 131,000 people are identified and authenticated electronically by Vietnam Post

Electronic identity and authentication not only contribute to saving costs for citizens, governments and businesses, help reducing transaction costs, increase efficiency, but also promote innovation in providing public services. After nearly 9 months of implementation, the electronic identity and authentication system of the Vietnam Post has attracted more than 131,000 registers.

Many benefits of setting up PostiD accounts

Recently, the phrase "electronic identification and authentication" has been increasingly mentioned by many people at conferences and seminars related to e-government and e-transactions. This concept is also gradually being known by many Internet users and gradually applied to personal electronic transactions. Especially since Vietnam Post deployed free (PostID) account identification and authentication for customers and people across the country.

From the fact that individuals and businesses currently own a lot of identification codes and electronic accounts such as: health insurance codes, social insurance codes, tax codes, accounts to log in public service portals... Meanwhile, most of the identification and authentication of account holders is only by using declared information and passwords, so it is not enough to ensure authenticity.

During the development of the National Public Services Portal, Vietnam Post was required to participate in building the PostID electronic identification and authentication system connected to the National Public Services Portal.

With the PostID accounts provided by Vietnam Post, users can not only log in the National Public Services Portal but also can access the online public services portals of ministries, branches and localities to use public administration services. In addition, users can also access the postal address code platform - Vpostcode, National Data Portal and other systems of Vietnam Post and Vietnam Post’s affiliated units in the field of e-commerce, banking, financial company...

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thanh (Thanh Xuan - Hanoi) has just used his PostID account to log into the National Public Services Portal to pay traffic violation fines, he said that instead of having to create different account on each system, now users only need a single account to log in and perform electronic transactions in many systems. “The first utility is that I do not have to spend much time on declaring information and setting up an account. Second, I also do not have to remember too many types of passwords for each type of account. Having an authenticated and verified account, I just need to sit at home to pay the fine and register to receive the results by Post Office. Saving traveling time, waiting but not worrying about queuing at crowded places to get a risk of COVID infection”.

PostID accounts have the highest level of authentication

In order to be provided with free authenticated accounts, individuals and organizations can go directly to the post office to register an account or declare information on PostID system at the address:

After declaring information (either in person or online), the register (for personal account) provides identity documents such as identity card or citizenship identity, passport to postal staff. Business accounts need to provide business registration and identity card or citizenship identity, passport of the legal representative.

Transaction staff at post offices will check, compare relevant documents, take photo of registers, scan related documents to update information on PostID system. Users are allowed to choose their own username and password.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Truong, Director of Public Administration Services Division, Vietnam Post, the electronic identification and authentication can be done on the basis of face-to-face meetings and checking and verification of legal documents to ensure the highest level of electronic identity verification (level 3). Besides, authentication is done in the form of OTP, so the security of PostID is increased more than other types of accounts. When logging in the system, in addition to the password, the user must enter the OTP sent by the system via the registered phone number to access the system.

Each person or enterprise is only granted 01 PostID account. Account level is completely free. The accounts identified and authenticated by Vietnam Post not only ensure safety and security, but also ensure the authenticity, prevention of tampering in electronic transactions.

However, Mr. Truong also noted that, to ensure safety, users should not disclose information about their PostID account to others. Especially, they should not allow others to use their PostID account in their transactions.