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People come to Post Office to submit administrative dossiers for settlement

The Covid-19 pandemic is threatening the health and life of all people, regardless of age, gender in any rural or urban areas. To prevent the spread of the pandemic, people should not go to crowded places and reduce traveling if unnecessary. In order to handle administrative procedures by saving time, traveling costs, and to avoid the infection in crowded places, people are completely assured to go to the nearest public postal services point to submit their administrative dossiers.

Vietnam Post is accepting and delivering over 40 million administrative dossiers of individuals and organizations, businesses

Vietnam Post is currently the only state-owned enterprise assigned to manage and operate the public postal network in Viet Nam. Vietnam Post is also the business to effectively implement the Prime Minister's Decision No. 45/2016/QD-TTg on accepting dossiers and delivering results of administrative procedures settlement through public postal services.

Promote the strength of the network with 13,000 serving points at communes and wards, after nearly 4 years of implementing the Prime Minister's Decision No. 45 on accepting administrative dossiers and delivering results of administrative procedures settlement via public postal services, Vietnam Post has accepted and delivered more than 40 million dossiers of administrative procedures of the people, organizations and enterprises, typically, including social insurance dossiers (settling benefits for maternity, sickness, and unemployment); driving license renewal; judicial record issuance; procedures for land use right certificates; issuing diploma copies; child adoption procedures; issuing and re-issuing certificates of medicine, pharmacy, and sale of plant protection drugs; copy of birth certificate; business registration,...

Especially, the process of accepting and delivering results of administrative procedures settlement is always done in accordance with the operation process of government administrative agencies to ensure service quality according to regulations. Most administrative agencies and customers highly appreciate the benefits that Vietnam Post provides the service, and also acknowledge the staff’s working style when accepting dossiers and delivering the results in a professional, agile, enthusiastic manner.

With the service of accepting dossiers and delivering results of administrative procedures settlement via public postal services, Vietnam Post continues to affirm a particularly important role for the government administrative reform implementation and at the same time helps people, organizations and businesses with convenient services, reducing waiting time and travelling costs in implementing administrative procedures in all fields.

In order not to spend a lot of time directly going to government agencies to implement administrative procedures, on the basis of the announced list of local administrative procedures accepting points through public postal services, citizens, organizations and enterprises can go to the nearest transaction post offices to register and submit dossiers for administrative procedures settlement and receive results at Post Office.

Post office staff will guide, check, count and compare the list of documents in the dossiers with the list of documents announced by the competent authorities to ensure that the records of organizations and individuals are sufficient in quantity as required.

Vietnam Post commits to accept and deliver all dossiers fast, accurately and safely

If the documents are missing in the regulated list, post office staff will provide full information. When the documents are complete, Post Office staff will pack and seal the documents witnessed by the senders. In case that administrative procedures holders have to pay service fees and charges, post office staff will collect the fees and charges as required and issue receipts of the fees and charges to the organizations and individuals.

After receiving records of administrative procedures, Post Office will, on behalf of the people and organizations, pass documents and fees (if any) to competent agencies for timely settlement as prescribed by the law. Dossier receiving staff will together with Post Office staff check and count the documents to ensure they match the list of documents on the application form. If the documents are complete, the receiving staff will provide the result delivery appointment sheet to Post Office staff.

When the handling of administrative procedures is completed, post office staff will go to the administrative office to receive the results of the settlement of the administrative procedures and pack and seal according to the regulations, and at the same time, quickly transfer the results to addresses as registered by organizations and individuals.

With many years of experience in implementing public administrative services throughout the postal network, Vietnam Post commits that all documents are accepted and delivered in the fastest, most accurate and safest manner.

The Covid-19 pandemic will continue to spread with complexity; each citizen can contribute to the fight against the disease by minimizing traveling in crowded places. In order to use the most convenient administrative services, let Vietnam Post serve you in the best way with highest reliability.