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Vietnam Post improves post and delivery service quality to develop E-commerce

With a large postal network reaching to the communes and wards, and an experienced delivery and collection team along with the launch of specific service packages for each e-commerce customer and for each digital technology platform, Vietnam Post (Vietnam Post) is still the number one post and delivery business in Viet Nam postal market.

Many E-commerce customers choose to use VP2 service package with more effective cost

According to the Vietnam E-commerce Association (VECOM), in 2019 the growth rate of Viet Nam e-commerce reached over 32%. The scale of consumer goods and services retail in the e-commerce sector in 2019 also reached about 11.5 billion USD. It is predicted that the growth rate of e-commerce in 2020 will continue to be over 30% and the scale of Viet Nam's e-commerce will exceed 15 billion USD.

The demand for e-commerce market increases, along with that, the logistics e-commerce logistics services such as delivery services, warehousing services... are also growing. However, in the current context, the transportation by air is still difficult, so carriers have taken many solutions to meet the requirements of customers, especially groups of e-commerce customers.

In the field of post and delivery services, Vietnam Post is still a familiar brand because of its 75-year postal history. According to the representatives of Vietnam Post, to meet the delivery needs of e-commerce customers, Vietnam Post has promoted its transportation capacity, cooperating closely with e-commerce businesses to expand its capacity to serve customers, optimizing the delivery routes in a fast, safe style at the most reasonable cost.

Especially, Vietnam Post recently launched service packages to diversify the needs of each e-commerce customer groups, helping customers proactively choose type of services with more economical costs. Typically, VP2 service package - small packet delivery service with maximum weight up to 5kg. When using this service, customers will get free one-time mail forwarding service to the same destination address; free COD collection service for postal items up to VND 3 million; COD collection payment by bank transfer.

Most recently, Vietnam Post as the number one postal operator in Viet Nam also offers EMS S-COD service with many flexible and attractive packages. EMS S-COD is an express service combining cash on delivery designed exclusively for e-commerce customers of EMS Vietnam and Vietnam Post in 63 provinces and cities across the country. With flexible service fees, customers can choose to use EMS S-COD service to suit their needs according to weight levels, from at least 100g. Especially, this is a super-cheap service for items weighing up to 250g. Besides, customers using EMS S-COD service will be offered the free of charge collection service with the amount of less than 3 million VND. Over 3 million VND, the collection service fee is 0.5% x collection amount.

Along with providing new services, automating production lines, shortening delivery times to support e-commerce customers, especially bringing interesting experiences about technology, Vietnam Post regularly updates functions on the “My Vietnam Post” application to help customers easily track the status of postal items and quickly interact with delivery departments. In addition to creating orders, calculating charges, sending automatic messages, order statistics ... this platform also adds a inquiry function to quickly resolve problems for customers.

Besides, representative leader of Vietnam Post also shared that Vietnam Post was also implementing synchronous professional software systems for Post Office staff from accepting, managing, sorting and routing for postmen, from the process of finding the destination address to the delivery of postal items to recipients. Accordingly, postal items can be delivered to customers more quickly and accurately.