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Vietnam Post develops Covid-19 Safe Living Map

The COVID-19 Safe Living Map System ( includes utilities on the Vmap Digital Map platform to show real-time safety situation of epidemic prevention and control in crowded facilities. Vietnam Post is one of the key business units to involve in the construction and development of this platform by providing a mapping platform, an address information system ...

COVID-19 safe living map system

In the fight against Covid-19, besides the efforts of the authorities, the joint hand in fighting against the epidemic of each organizations and individual is the most important factor.

With the mission of serving the community and contributing to the country's anti-COVID-19 epidemic, Vietnam Post has coordinated with relevant agencies to provide a digital mapping platform for the Information Portal of the Ministry of Health about the Covid-19 epidemic ( with an aim to help people easily find information receiving points, supporting points on COVID-19 epidemic across the country.

In order to provide the community with complete and accurate information about reliable addresses on Covid-19 epidemic, promoting the power of technology and collective intelligence, on October 1 at the program "Connecting Millions of Hearts", Digital Vietnamese Knowledge System, the Ministry of Health, Vietnam Post, DTT Technology Joint Stock Company, Joint Stock Company officially launched the COVID-19 Safe Living Map system (

On the Vmap Digital Map platform developed by Vietnam Post, this system shows real-time epidemic safety situation of crowded facilities.

According to Ms. Vu Thanh Xuan, Director of Engineering and Informatics Technology Division of Vietnam Post, in the short term, this platform shows information layers on more than 50,000 schools and 1,500 medical facilities. On the basis of information in the epidemic safety assessment standards of functional units, these units check and complete the epidemic prevention tasks daily by themselves. Business units must use the AntoanCovid application as a regular basis to ensure continuous and transparent monitoring of Covid safety conditions.

Each criterion in the epidemic safety assessment for public facilities corresponds to a certain number of points, when leaders, officers and individuals at each facility perform on this application, the system will receive information and automatically analyze, calculate and make an assessment by color: Green - Safe; Gold - Risky; Red - Unsafe.

Information about the assessment of each facility is publicly and transparently displayed on the map in real time, people can actively monitor and report directly on the map.

According to Mr. Nguyen The Trung, Chairman of DTT Technology Joint Stock Company, data on maps is currently being tested. Application will have real data when the relevant authorities inform. According to Mr. Trung, the Map provides public information, which is continuously updated daily from these public places. With information provided publicly and transparently on this map, management agencies, leaders of localities and unit leaders will easily control and direct the implementation of ensuring safety against epidemics on the scale of each region and each facility.

Comprehensive deployment of the anti-epidemic map will assist regulators in the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemics, and at the same time create peace of mind for the community when operating their production, business and tourism activities. ...

In addition to the safety information at each address, the COVID-19 Safe Living Map system also helps users find the exact address, the most convenient route to that public facility, even in the remote area. Besides, users can easily share those locations in the community.

“In order for this platform to come to life, maximize efficiency in providing safe addresses and preventing Covid-19, we wish all agencies, organizations, businesses and individuals to access and use the COVID-19 Safe Living Map System (, and spread information about this map to a large number of users in order to increase the locations authenticated by the safety level in the prevention of epidemics, and at the same time monitoring and supervising the implementation at business units, facilities and especially in public places ”, Ms. Vu Thanh Xuan shared.

Currently, the COVID-19 Safe Living Map system is in the testing phase, but after this period, Vietnam Post will work with other agencies and units to continue building information layers at public places, crowded areas such as tourist points, bus stops and stations... contributing to providing the community a COVID-19 safe address system on both web and mobile platforms.