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Vietnam Post ranks Top 500 Most Profitable Enterprises 2020 in Viet Nam in 3 consecutive years

Recently in Hanoi, Vietnam Report cooperated with VietNamNet to organize the Announcement Ceremony of Top 500 Best Profitable Enterprises in Vietnam. This year, Vietnam Post Corporation (Vietnam Post) achieved an increase of 9 places compared to its position in the ranking of 2019. With this ranking, Vietnam Post continues to be the number one position in the post and delivery sector in 2020 and become the most profitable business of the year.

The ranking of 500 Vietnamese enterprises with the highest profits based on independent research and evaluation results according to international standards of Vietnam Report Company, with the consultation of domestic and international prestigious experts, has been announced annually since 2017. Enterprises listed in the Profit500 List are businesses with efficient production business activities and good profitability performance. Evaluation criteria are expressed through the criteria of revenue and profit before tax in the most recent year, taking into account the size of assets, labor size and reputation in the media.

To have a high position in this ranking, Vietnam Post has had impressive business results. In 2019, the total revenue of Vietnam Post reached nearly 25 trillion VND, with a total asset of over 18 trillion VND. The year 2020 is a historic difficulty when the world faces, for the first time, a global economic crisis due to a pandemic. In that context, for businesses, only profit is not enough, but it must be sustainable profits based on strong internal capabilities, flexibility to adapt to the market with a reputable brand.

In the common growth decline of many economic sectors, Vietnam Post’s report in the first 9 months of 2020 shows positive results with revenue reaching over 75% of the plan and an impressive increase in key business fields of post and delivery services, postal financial services, communication and distribution, public administrative services. This result was achieved in the context that Vietnam Post both successfully completed public postal services and implemented major programs and projects of the Government while the Covid-19 pandemic had a significant impact on production and business activities on the whole postal network.

Especially during the COVID-19 epidemic outbreak, Vietnam Post drastically took epidemic prevention and control measures in accordance with the direction of the Government, the National Steering Committee for Disease Control, and the Ministry of Information and Communications. to ensure health safety for postal officers and employees. In addition, Vietnam Post is recognized by the society as an active business in a series of Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control activities such as: offering free transportation costs for the Vietnam Youth Physicians Association for relief goods and medical equipment (intervention emergency ventilator, negative pressure room, N95 mask and protective gear ...) to frontline anti-epidemic and high population Covid-19 areas; equipping masks, disinfectant water for employees and customers at counters; Developing and deploying epidemic zone maps with NCOVI application to provide users with data on epidemics; coordinating with ministries, branches, provinces and cities to promote the receipt of dossiers and return results of administrative procedures settlement by post in order to take measures to prevent epidemics. Vietnam Post also makes an impression in 2020 with the launch of the Vpostcode platform to promote e-commerce development, building a common platform for digital transformation in the postal sector.

The fact that Vietnam Post is continuously listed and increases its ranks in the top 500 most profitable enterprises in Vietnam by 2020 re-affirms the sustainable capacity of Vietnam Post in the current difficult period of the whole economy.