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Vietnam Post is listed in Top 50 Best Enterprises in Viet Nam

In the afternoon, 8 January 2021, Vietnam Report held the announcement ceremony of VNR500 - Top 500 largest enterprises in Viet Nam in 2020. Vietnam Post is in the top 50 best enterprises in 2020.

In addition, Vietnam Post is also listed in the top 5 most prestigious companies in logistics industry in 2020 - Industry group: EMS, last-mile delivery.

The representative of Vietnam Post received the certification of Top 5 prestigious EMS and last mile delivery service providers in 2020

Previously, Vietnam Post has been in the top of the largest enterprises in Viet Nam for many consecutive years, the following year always reached a higher position than the previous year.

Together with other big enterprises of Viet Nam, Vietnam Post is expected to continue to make breakthroughs in the coming time, affirming its role as a pillar of the economy, moving towards market expansion and international economic integration.

VNR500 rankings are researched and announced to honor the largest enterprises in Viet Nam, achieving remarkable achievements in production and business activities.

In the VNR500 ranking in 2020, in general, all industries have revenue growth with an average growth rate of 12.52%. In particular, many industries achieved a two-digit revenue growth, which is superior to the average of the entire enterprise sectors such as Transport - Logistics, Telecommunications - Information Technology, Mechanics, Construction ....

In 2020, the field of post and logistics services, although operating in a very difficult and challenging context, but in the leading role, Vietnam Post has exceeded the set targets. Total revenue in 2020 reached VND 26,387 billion; profit reached VND 540 billion; submitting VND 796 billion to state budget and affirming the number one position of a national postal operator in Viet Nam and Southeast Asia.

According to Mr. Chu Quang Hao, President and CEO of Vietnam Post, in 2020, the post implemented many solutions to develop production and business in the negative impact of Covid-19. Vietnam Post promoted the application of information technology to optimize business processes, improve labor productivity and service quality; at the same time invested in machinery system for automation and digitalization. In 2020, Vietnam Post put into operation 02 regional sorting centers and 08 provincial sorting centers in key provinces. With the automatic sorting system with a capacity of tens of thousands of parcels per hour, Vietnam Post fully meets the average growth rate of volume of postal items at over 30%.

Not only implementing the appropriate solutions and developing business scenarios in any conditions, in 2020, Vietnam Post has maximized the leading role of the national postal operator to serve the whole community. In 2020, Vietnam Post also made many impressions when ensuring production and business activities, while performing well the works of providing social security services. During the Covid-19 epidemic, in order to ensure the prevention and control of epidemics, many agencies, organizations and businesses had to be temporarily closed, postal workers still pioneered on the front line against the epidemic to provide postal services to all residents. When Viet Nam’s central provinces suffered from the historic flood, Vietnam Post was the first enterprise to offer free transportation services to deliver more than 1,000 tons of relief goods (equivalent to nearly 13 billion VND) to organizations and individuals across the country.

Mr. Nguyen Hai Thanh, Chairman of Vietnam Post
received the title of Top 50 Best Enterprises in Viet Nam

Mr. Nguyen Hai Thanh, Chairman of Vietnam Post said that 2021 would be the foundation year to implement the strategic targets of period 2021-2030, Vietnam Post would drastically implement solutions from the first year of the business plan period to successfully complete the 2021 goals with total revenue in 2021 at nearly VND 30,000 billion, profit at VND 560 billion. By 2030, Vietnam Post's revenue and profit is expected to increase 5 times compared to 2020.