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2021: Vietnam Post takes off to new level

Mr. Nguyen Hai Thanh, Chairman of Vietnam Post announced that 2021 would be the foundation to implement the strategic targets in 2021-2030, Vietnam Post would drastically take and implement solutions to successfully complete the goals in the first year 2021.

Overview of Vietnam Post annual business meeting

Reviewing some outstanding results of Vietnam Post in 2020, President and CEO Chu Quang Hao affirmed that the leaders and staff at Vietnam Post headquarter made many important contributions to the company overall success. Vietnam Post had successfully completed the set forth business targets, ensuring production and business efficiency, improving the income of workers in the context of the economic and social situation with many fluctuations and declines; social security work, responsibility to the community to make many profound marks. In 2020, Vietnam Post had shown more clearly than ever the leading role of the designated postal operator in all situations.

With the efforts for achievement in 2020, the post was confident to enter a new journey with new minds, new determination and to continue making breakthrough and take off to new levels.

President and CEO Chu Quang Hao made a speech at the annual business meeting

President and CEO Chu Quang Hao emphasized that in 2021, the post would take specific and drastic solutions in all areas: postal services, logistics, postal finance, communication distribution, public administration ... In particular, Mr. Chu Quang Hao emphasized all functional divisions, departments at Vietnam Post headquarter and other business units quickly implemented the contents mentioned details in Resolution 01 of the Government on the main tasks and solutions for implementing the socio-economic development plan and state budget estimates in 2021, notably the public administrative services, payment of people with services to the revolution, postal finance, e-commerce ...

The President and CEO also encouraged that in 2021, every postal worker must be more determined, creative, innovative in each part of their work. Every month, each unit must use at least one initiative or a breakthrough idea in their business activity.

Chairman Nguyen Hai Thanh affirmed in 2021 Vietnam Post targeted around VND 30,000 billion in revenue
and VND 560 billion in profit.

Speaking at the meeting, Chairman Nguyen Hai Thanh affirmed that in 2021, the post targeted to reach nearly 30,000 billion dong in revenue and 560 billion dong in profit. To complete the set targets, the post would have to make the second revolution from the first days of the first month. At the same time, specific implementation of each solution in activities; especially standardizing production organizations in each stage to arrange reasonable labor, increase labor productivity; applying information technology thoroughly, promoting digital transformation in all fields; building a modern management platform from Vietnam Post headquarter to all branch levels.

Chairman of Vietnam Post also conveyed to all staff and employees of the message of Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung on the strong will to complete the the tasks in 2021 of the Ministry of Information and Communications: "If the postal sector is only mail and parcels, it will stay the same but if the postal sector can ensure the physical flow along with the data flow and becomes the platform to support all individuals, businesses and households, the post can do business, have access to national and global markets, then becomes the platform to facilitate the people do business, get rich and escape from poverty. And therefore, the life and the new mission of the post become enormous."

Chairman Nguyen Hai Thanh believes with the efforts of all officers, employees, workers with the spirit of solidarity, consensus on "Overcoming challenges", Vietnam Post will continue to make breakthrough and great success.