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Development orientation for postal sector in 2021

On January 11, 2021, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung signed the Directive No. 01/CT-BTTTT on the development orientation of information and communication sector in 2021.

The Directive 01/CT-BTTTT calls on all officials, civil servants, public employees and employees in the Information and Communications sector to continue to improve labor productivity, effectively take advantage of the 4th Industrial Revolution in the national digital transformation, the whole industry takes fore leading role in the implementation of comprehensive digital transformation, the synchronized, positive and effective development in all six areas of government management of the Ministry of Information and Communications and especially continues to improve Viet Nam's ranking in postal, telecommunications, information security, e-government, digital transformation.

For the postal sector, the Directive requires the effective implementation of following key tasks:

Shifting from traditional postal service into digital postal services to ensure data flow along with physical flow. Post and delivery services become important infrastructure of the digital economy, of e-commerce; contribute to promoting digital government and digital society.

The development of digital platforms for application in the postal sector is encouraged to promote. Exploiting and applying effectively the Address Code platform associated with Digital Map (Vpostcode) is to improve the efficiency of transportation and delivery of goods in e-commerce and logistics.

100% communes have post service points to serve the people. The growth rate of postal services serving e-commerce demands maintains at least 30%; focusing on promoting the provision of public services through public postal networks and public postal services to contribute to improving the business environment and national competitiveness.

Improving legal frameworks, creating a healthy postal investment and business environment; "accompanying" postal enterprises, switching from "management" into "serving" to support postal enterprises to promote their internal resources, attract investment to promote digital transformation in the postal sector.

Coordinating with the authorities to strictly solve problems of transporting smuggling and prohibited goods on postal network.