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Campaign is launched to bring "new things" to help Hai Duong farmers sell agricultural products

In the early days of March 2021, farmers of Gia Xuyen commune, Hai Duong province talked daily about was no longer how many samples of cabbage harvested and sold, how many tons of moat is damaged but now they always talked about the e-commerce floor Postmart. They cared much about how to put products on the floor, because a few days ago, these farmers knew an access to a "new approach" for the first time – how to sell agricultural products on the e-commerce floor.

Agricultural products on the e-commerce floor, farmers get rid of waiting for "rescue"

Ms. Nguyen Thu Trang, Gia Xuyen commune, Hai Duong said: "Every year when there is no outbreak of the epidemic, on average, 8 million VND / 1 cabbage pole is sold, but this year due to the outbreak of the epidemic, only 1 million VND / 1 pole is sold. The price has fallen sharply, farmers suffer big loss and serious damage to crops. It is painful but we don't know how to get over. I also heard the news that selling on e-commerce floors is very convenient, but smartphones are not popular in rural areas, let alone such kind of modern sales methods”.

"Fortunately, recent days, post officers came to the field to guide us how to take photos of agricultural products, and then showed how to put the products on Postmart trading floor for sale. I also practiced trying to follow them by posting in the early morning the orders already made in the previous afternoon. So far, I take care of the time to pick vegetables, I take a photo, write my own product information, and then put it on Postmart for sale. It's fast, it's not hard. The households in this village have also started using Postmart." - Ms. Trang added.


E-commerce floor helps farmers sell agricultural products effectively and sustainably

In the complicated development of the epidemic, understanding that buying goods in a "rescue" way is only a temporary, not long-term support action, Vietnam Post immediately created the "Hai Duong Agricultural Products" page on e-commerce floor to apply digital technology to help farmers sell agricultural products in a new, more effective and sustainable way. By this way, people have a new way of stable selling. Even in the epidemic situation or when the epidemic has been controlled, Postmart will still be an effective tool to connect production households with consumers, create prestige and brand for agricultural products, Hai Duong specialties and others, apply technology, digital transformation in agricultural production.

On March 3, Vietnam Post Corporation and Hai Duong Post went directly to the garden of local people to survey the supply of products, assess the quality and deploy to guide people how to create booths and put products on Postmart trading floor. And on the same day, the first booths of Hai Duong farmers were created and officially put into operation.

Since the "Hai Duong Agricultural Products" page on e-commerce floor was put into operation, nearly 50 typical local products have been sold. Products such as carrots, cabbage, beans, cucumbers, oysters, guava Thanh Ha are sold on the floor and packed into 1 bag at the levels of 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, making it convenient for both farmers and customers in checking and accounting.

The amount of agricultural products are ordered on Postmart increases day by day, hour by hour

The sale of agricultural products on Postmart floor initially achieved certain effects, bringing positive signals to the residents. On March 5 alone, 95 orders, equivalent to nearly 7 tons of agricultural products, were collected and delivered to consumers by Hai Duong Post.
According to Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa - Director of Gia Xuyen Agricultural Service Cooperative, Hai Duong, joining hands with Vietnam Post to support the consumption of agricultural products through e-commerce floor is a "new thing" for the residents here and will continue to propagate widely to all production households in the whole commune, and will also guide them how to sell products on the floor, understand the processes and transactions to sell commercially, easily and practically. Thereby further enhancing the value of agricultural products of Hai Duong.

"Racing" with time, bring fresh agricultural products to consumers

Every day, postal trucks of Vietnam Post run to every districts and communes of Hai Duong province to collect freshly picked vegetables, freshly picked fruits, newly laid chicken eggs,... for each order made on the e-commerce Approaching this new selling way, the volume of agricultural products of local people is sold better. The first booth was created on the "Hai Duong Agricultural Products" page at Postmart floor on March 3, up to now, Hai Duong Post has recorded more than hundreds of orders of Hai Duong agricultural products ordered on the trading floor, equivalent to tens of tons of goods that will be delivered.

Postal trucks collect agricultural products upon the orders made on Postmart trading floor of Vietnam Post

The typical factors of agricultural products are short harvesting and storage time. Therefore, the delivery time is considered a key factor directly affecting the quality of the product. According to Vietnam Post’s plan, for large orders, the full package will be transported to major destinations; small and odd orders will be paired with postal items, using tools such as pallets, wrapped carefully to ensure the goods quality. Vietnam Post is also committed to prioritizing Hai Duong agricultural products, same-day delivery, from collection to delivery is carried out quickly to ensure the freshness of agricultural products; thereby, enhancing the value and prestige of local agricultural products in the trust of consumers. In addition, any order of Hai Duong agricultural products made on Postmart is exempted or reduced for shipping fees to support people in consuming products, reducing difficulties during the epidemic.

Mr. Dao Duy Toan, Deputy Director of Hai Duong Post said: "Since 2019, Vietnam Post has connected agricultural suppliers in Postmart e-commerce floor. In particular, during the Covid-19 outbreak in Hai Duong, Hai Duong Post has promoted the connection of agricultural products for farmers and cooperatives through many programs and selling channels on Postmart floor from March 2, 2021. The sale of agricultural products on e-commerce floors quickly received positive support and feedback from farmers and customers right from the first days of implementation.

Every day, we check the volume of goods by order and go to the production households in the province to collect and support people to pack vegetables, tubers and fruits in accordance with the regulations to ensure quality during transportation. Then transported to the post offices to categorize agricultural products for each order and put them on trucks to be shipped to other provinces and cities across the country. On average, the Post Office will receive 7-10 tons of goods per day." - Mr. Toan added.

Hai Duong Post allocates more menpower for sorting, packaging and delivery of agricultural products to consumers

Since the e-commerce opened a page dedicated to Hai Duong agricultural products, all officials and employees of Hai Duong Post have never rested. Full labor force is arranged regardless of Saturday or Sunday, a 24-hour team on Postmart is designated to ensure a smooth system and timely support people's questions when creating booths and transaction time. Not only Hai Duong Post officials and employees are devoted for the residents, the whole postal people across the network are also enlisting every hour, every minute, "racing" with the time to bring fresh agricultural products to consumers, committed to prevent quality decline, affecting the values of products due to the shipping time.

The campaign "Join hands with Hai Duong farmers to sell products" was launched by Vietnam Post on March 1, 2021 in order to provide Hai Duong farmers with effective, stable and long-term tools to sell agricultural products through e-commerce floor. The immediate goal is to consume jammed agricultural products, helping solve the problem of agricultural product consumption, heading for sustainable development and digital transformation for farmers.
Farmers like Ms. Trang now have a new, more modern and effective way of selling than traditional methods. From muddy-footed farmers who are not fluent in smartphone apps, they have now become "tech farmers" and owners of their booths on the professional e-commerce platform.