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Vietnam Post focuses on investment in warehouse system to bring customers a full Logistics solution

Warehousing is an indispensable part of the logistics system and the supply chain. It is a store for raw materials, finished products, semi-finished products to be sent to customers with the fastest and lowest cost at their demand. Together with establishing a synchronous system of logistics centers and applying automatic sorting systems, Vietnam Post Corporation (Vietnam Post) is also focusing on investing a diversified system of different type warehouses to provide customers with a comprehensive Logistics solution.

Warehousing has a direct impact on the storage and preservation of goods of different enterprises. With the warehouse system, businesses in retailing and distribution of goods can easily combine small shipments into large shipments, transporting once. Accordingly, the average cost per unit is optimized to the maximum. In addition, the preservation of raw materials, finished products, and semi-finished products at the warehouse is also better guaranteed, reducing loss, damage, and damage to help supply materials at the right time, creating favorable conditions for production, helping to save production costs. Warehousing also contributes significantly to maintaining a stable supply, helping businesses to respond to market changes (due to seasonality, changing demand, competition...) as well as in the supply of goods in accordance with the requirements in terms of quantity and quality, contributing to enhancing the reputation and competitive position of enterprises.

With the advanced development of science and technology, along with the variety of different types of goods and the needs of each company and enterprise, warehouses are also growing and diversifying. Grasping the high demand for logistics services in the context of the current digital economy, along with providing businesses with solutions for transporting heavy goods, TLT small goods, full truck load goods… Vietnam Post also focuses on investing in warehousing system with warehouse management services to bring a full logistics solution to help optimizing the efficiency of transport - logistics.

Currently, Vietnam Post is providing 04 types of warehouses, meeting the diverse needs of each business. Specifically, for businesses dealing in electronic goods, technology or other consumer goods distributed to supermarkets, agents, they can use normal warehouses with the main function of storage and preservation. For special goods such as food or valuable electronics that require certain storage conditions, a specially designed warehouse with tightly controlled temperature and humidity will be the right choice. Best. In addition, Vietnam Post also provides containerized shippers with a CFS type of warehouse dedicated to carrying out cargo collection and separation activities. In the field of import and export, Vietnam Post also invests to build bonded warehouses, serving to store goods that have completed customs procedures, waiting for export or goods from abroad to Vietnam, waiting to be imported in Vietnam or to be forwarded to other country.

Overview of Vietnam Post's first TAPA A-standard bonded warehouse in Viet Nam

In the third quarter of this year, Vietnam Post will officially put into operation a bonded warehouse with an area of tens of thousands of square meters, meeting the first TAPA A-standard in Viet Nam, managing the supply chain for one of the largest technology companies in the world. This can be considered as a brick to lay the foundation for a modern high-standard logistics model of Vietnam Post in the process of improving and renovating its role and image of a national postal operator. With a diverse warehousing system, professional warehouse management services, transportation capacity and long-term experience in the logistics field, Vietnam Post will, on the one hand, better meet the increasing demands of customers and on the other hand will still be a reliable partner of many Vietnamese businesses, accompanying them to participate in the global supply chain, bringing Vietnamese products and goods to the international level.