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Post offices becomes a long arm to expand consumption channels for agricultural products

2021 is considered a difficult year for the consumption of agricultural products in epidemic areas due to the severe impacts of Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to the "long arm" of postal operators with a diversity of distribution channels, including post offices, mobile serving points, e-commerce websites..., agricultural products have been sold out during the epidemic time.

The longan crop in 2021 in Dong Thap province was harvested right at the outbreak of the Covid-19. With more than 5,340 hectares of longan, estimated output is more than 53,000 tons, farmers have "ants in their pants" when their “Xuồng” longan gardens were already ripe for harvesting, but still not many traders come to buy as usual. Dong Thap helped farmers in consumption, but the output is not high, and selling price did not meet the expectation.

Vietnam Post supports farmers in epidemic area in the consumption of agricultural products

In such context, along with the support of distributors, Dong Thap’s “xuồng” longan crops have also been consumed on Vietnam Post’s distribution channel. In Dong Thap, Vietnam Post actively coordinated with the Department of Industry & Trade, Department of Transport and The provincial Association of Farmers to create favorable conditions for transportation and consumption of “xuồng” longan. With an inter-provincial postal truck system, nationwide-scaled post offices system and E-commerce channel with high rate of customers, Dong Thap's longan crops have been sold out.

Together with Dong Thap, in Tay Ninh province, in order to bring the yellow ripend longan and other farming products to customers in further areas across the country, provincial Posts has deployed selling longan in all digital platforms, particularly in the E-commerce marketplace During delivery process, the health safety and Covid-19 prevention solutions have been always taken with a top priority. All fruit packages delivered to recipients are all safe and fresh as they have just been picked up.

“In general, Vietnam Post’s consumers find it convenient and easy to order because they can use any channel that suits with their condition. Products’ price and quality, delivery time are also high rate because all products meet the order criteria when delivered to addressees” - Vietnam Post’s representative said.

Chosing the best quality products for consumers

Supporting agricultural products consumption in epidemic areas is one of the priority activities of postal enterprises so far. According to Vietnam Post’s representative, the coordination to consume agricultural products is conducted flexibly. Accordingly, people who are allowed to go out for shopping, they can come to post offices to buy agriculture products. In isolated areas, agricultural products are sold and delivered to people and households by mobile trucks. Vietnam Post also takes advantage of E-commerce platform to deliver goods and agricultural products to consumers with the highest commitment on quality and disease prevention standards.

Currently, Vietnam Post has been consumed agricultural products for 63 provinces on 03 channels: Online, Offline and O2O (Offline to Online), especially via with a special landing page for farming products of 63 provinces and conducting a large system of sales collaborators with attractive commission mechanism.

Besides, Vietnam Post is also selling agricultural products via social media channel including Facebook, Zalo by sending message to customers, and on Youtube channel by making short presentation video clip and links of products.

In the offline channel, currently, Vietnam Post is supplying seasonal products in all post offices in 63 provinces and cities. Furthermore, Vietnam Post also cooperates with full package, full truckload partners to provide agriculture products to supermarkets, shops,  wholesale markets, processing/manufacturing units. Vietnam Post has also participated in exporting some farming products to international martkets.

The system of trucks and post offices across 63 provinces and cities is Vietnam Post’s significant advantage to support the agricultural products consumption

In O2O channel, in particular, Vietnam Post has set up special counters for agricultural products at some post offices, products are assigned with QR code and linked to At the same time, every post office use marketing publications containing QR Code linked to products on Consumers can also order online via post office’s hotline or Vietnam Post’s hotline for tellers to create order on

With a series of the above mentioned solutions, up to now, 330 tons of longan have been sold by Vietnam Post nationwide, in which 135 tons consumed in Southern provinces. Besides, 675 tons of fresh food such as meat, fish, eggs have also been sold across the country, in which about 430 tons were consumed by Southern provinces in particular. For vegetables and fruits, Southern provinces have consumed over 5,400 tons, while this number reaches more than 8,500 tons in the whole country.

According to the Task Force of  the Ministry of Industry & Trade on goods supply and production supporting for Southern provinces and cities, in the difficult context of Covid-19 pandemic, the consumption of agricultural products in Southern provinces face many difficulties due to social distancing in Southern localities, many wholesale and local markets had to close, so to deliver goods items to people and households was even more difficult. People seem to reduce spending and prioritize in essential items, especially when almost restaurant, hotels, canteens in industrial parks closed, less number of workers and labors leading to decrease in consumption of agriculture products.

In this context, the Task Force evaluated the participation of postal enterprises, including Vietnam Post, in supporting agricultural products consumption for farmers in epidemic areas. The creativeness, flexibility of the enterprises in carrying out solutions of connecting supply and demand, consumption of agricultural products which are on harvest period, have contributed to ensuring the complete consumption of agricultural products for farmers, at the same time supplied timely sources of goods to the people in need, connecting goods supply and demand, contributing to on overcoming difficulties with the whole country in the pandemic outbreak.

Mobilizing the participation of postal enterprises to support the consumption of agricultural products is one of the cooperation activities between the Ministry of Industry & Trade and the Ministry of Information & Communications in order to reduce impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, the Task Force of the Ministry of Industry & Trade and postal enterprises are continuing to implement effectively this program in all the localities across the country.