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The next Director General of the UPU

In the afternoon, August 25, 2021, the election of General Director and Deputy General Director of UPU was held at the 27th UPU Congress Plenary. Mr. Masahiko Metoki of Japan was elected as General Director for the next term with 102/156 votes and Mr. Marjan Osvald of Slovenian was elected as Deputy Director General with 86/154 votes. Hereinafter is a brief introduction about the new General Director and Deputy General Director of UPU.

UPU Director General METOKI Masahiko

Birthdate: 29/10/1958

Education: Graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1983 with a BA degree in social psychology.

The UPU Director General-elect has enjoyed an extensive career in the public service, particularly in the postal sector. He first joined Japan’s Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications in 1983. Mr. Metoki later took on the role of Postmaster at the Nihonmatsu Post Office in Fukushima Prefecture, eventually moving back to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications’ Postal Savings Bureau as its Director of the International Service Office.

In addition to his experience with the Post, Mr. Metoki has worked with the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Japan in Thailand. Mr. Metoki represented Japan as Chair of the Postal Operations Council since 2012. He has also chaired the 22nd Congress committee for postal financial services and the Postal Operations Council’s Postal Financial Services Group.

According to UPU’s rules, “The candidate who obtains a majority of the votes cast by the member countries present and voting shall be elected.” At the first round of voting, Mr. Metoki won 102 votes, compared to 40 votes for Pascal Clivaz of Switzerland and 14 votes for Jack Hamande of Belgium.

Speaking after the results, UPU Director General Bishar A. Hussein said, “I express my profound congratulations to Mr. Metoki, the next Director General of the Universal Postal Union.” He said the election was a remarkable success and said countries had endorsed Mr. Metoki to lead the organization into the next cycle.

UPU Deputy Director Geneal Marjan Osvald

Education: B.Sc. in Economics (Foreign Trade), University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business, 1996.

Mr. Osvald is an accomplished executive with 24 years of progressive experience in international postal operations, strategy and sales. Currently a Senior Adviser to the Executive Management of the Post of Slovenia, responsible for international relations and organizations, Mr. Osvald was promoted to this position following 12 years of service as International Mail Director.

Throughout his career, Mr. Osvald has been deeply involved in international postal business. He is an active member of the PostEurop Management Board for the third consecutive mandate and a long-standing member of various Steering Committees within the International Post Corporation (IPC). He also participated in the establishment of the Postal Union for the Mediterranean (PUMed), and in 2019, was elected Member of the PUMed Board of Directors. Domestically, Mr. Osvald is the Chairman of the Slovenian National Stamp Advisory Committee and a Lecturer in International Postal Operations at the Vocational College of Postal Services and Telecommunications in Ljubljana. He was also the Chairman of the supervisory board of Feniksšped (Freight and Forwarding Company) in 2011‒2018.

Mr. Osvald has actively participated in the work of the UPU, including UPU Congresses in 1999, 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2018. He was a UPU National Quality of Service Coordinator with two awarded projects, one of them for a new concept of postal customs procedures backed up by a software solution that was awarded the 2014 Postal Technology Award for the Digital Innovation of the Year.