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Vietnam Post uses electric vehicles in delivery

On December 29, Vietnam Post in collaboration with Honda Vietnam Company held the announcement ceremony of the pilot implementation project using electric motorbikes in delivery and providing a battery exchange model.

Accordingly, from January 1, 2022, postmen of Hanoi Post will use the electric motorbikes Honda Benly e to deliver postal items in Hanoi area.

Representatives of Honda Vietnam and Vietnam Post perform the handover at the ceremony.

Vietnam Post is the first postal operator in Viet Nam to use electric motorbikes in delivery of postal items. With a compact design, suitable for the traffic system in Vietnam, electric motorbikes will greatly support postmen to deliver postal items in both urban and rural areas.

Mr. Dinh Nhu Hanh, Executive Vice President of Vietnam Post, said that the use of "green vehicle" in delivery is a practical action, showing the determination of Vietnam Post in term of protecting the environment, ensuring fuel security, improving the life quality and the sustainable development of Viet Nam.

Mr. Dinh Nhu Hanh, Executive Vice President of Vietnam Post affirmed that Vietnam Post
would make every effort to apply "green" products to contribute to the environmental protection and the sustainable development of the country

“With the use of environment-friendly vehicles during in traffic, each postman will become an active and creative communicator contributing to change citizen’s perception and habits, also raise their awareness of social responsibility towards the environment. Vietnam Post has responded to the movement of "green living" and against plastic waste. Vietnam Post and Honda Vietnam, two large enterprises, will always make an effort to offer "green" products and services together with the Government and people protecting a healthy and happy living. Previously, Vietnam Post organized and launched throughout its entire postal network the Postgreen Program, which brought out a positive effect and received a commendation letter from the Prime Minister on September 14, 2019", Mr. Hanh said.

Ms. Dao Thi Hai Yen - Director of Planning and Public Relations Division representing Honda Vietnam shared: “Vietnam Post is a reputable partner operating in the postal field with a nationwide network of transaction points. The project is coordinated to find new solutions to apply electric vehicles in daily transportation. In addition, the project also helps to optimize business operation with responsibility towards a green and clean living environment. Honda Vietnam wishes to collect information of user evaluation, actual data of users' use of electric vehicles and requirements for infrastructure, thereby contributing ideas for eco-friendly business operation.”

The project of applying electric vehicles in postal delivery helps to optimize postal operations
with responsibility towards a green and clean living environment

In Viet Nam, electric vehicles still face many technological and technical challenges, including: performance compared to gasoline-powered vehicles; expenses for investment in facilities; requirements in the battery recycling process and legal framework; driving license and safety issues. Batteries are considered the key to make the popularization of electric motorcycles be a reality. From the point of view of user convenience, Honda Vietnam recognizes the need of battery standardization and building infrastructure for quick convenient battery exchange.

Honda Vietnam and Vietnam Post hope to actively contribute to a comprehensive roadmap of environmentally friendly activities as well as look forward to receiving close coordination from the Government, the Ministries and involved enterprises in the construction and development of appropriate infrastructure.