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Vietnam Post holds 2022 business plan conference

On December 24, 2021 in Hanoi, Vietnam Post held the 2022 business plan implementation conference. Overcoming many difficulties due to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam Post has well accomplished dual goals: safe epidemic prevention, effective postal operation and management on the whole public postal network; developing business; ensuring jobs and incomes for employees, well performing social security activities.

Overview of Vietnam Post’s 2002 Business Plan Implementation Conference

Overcoming the pandemic, achieving revenue of more than 26,600 billion VND

Speaking at the Conference, Mr. Chu Quang Hao, President & CEO of Vietnam Post, said that overcoming the pandemic, Vietnam Post took the role as a leading enterprise that serves the community; ensuring the operational continuity of the postal network to perform duties following the direction of the Party, Government, Ministries and the People. In 2021, Vietnam Post has successfully performed the tasks assigned by the Government on postal service points with 100% coverage in all communes nationwide. Vietnam Post’s total revenue in 2021 reaches more than 26,600 billion VND; total profit reaches more than 700 billion VND; submits to the State Budget more than 900 billion VND and profit after tax on equity reached 6.12%.

Mr. Chu Quang Hao, President & CEO of Vietnam Post made a speech at the Conference

Significantly, during the difficult time of COVID pandemic breaking the supply chain, Vietnam Post has activated 3,400 supply points of essential goods in the provinces and cities, in which, many areas are lockdown and difficult for people to access to food and goods.

At the outbreak of the fourth Covid-19 wave, Vietnam Post joined hands to support farmers to reduce difficulties, finding consumption channels, thereby accelerating the process of digital transformation of agriculture and rural areas. To implement Decision No. 1034/QĐ-BTTTT of the Ministry of Information and Communications on encouraging farmers participate in the e-commerce platform, Vietnam Post is one of the pioneers in supporting agricultural production households on the e-commerce platform contributing to promote the digital economy development of agriculture and rural areas. Up to now, 2.5 million production households have been supported to register on the e-commerce platform, thereby consuming more than 20,000 tons all kinds of agri-products.

With an important role as the connection between the Government and all people, Vietnam Post has received and safely delivered 52.5 million documents of settling administrative formalities, increase 3.4 times compared to the previous year 2020. In which, millions of documents in “burning” epidemic areas are still received by staffs and delivered successfully as usual.

In 2021, Vietnam Post has mobilized nearly 6 million people participating in health insurance and maintained 780 thousand people participating in voluntary social insurance. In addition, paying correctly, sufficiently, safely and accurately for more than 3.2 million people receiving pensions and social security allowances. Moreover, more 25 provinces and cities have implemented to pay for devotees. So far, 51 provincial Posts across the country have made payment for more than 723,300 devotees.

In particular, to promote the digital transformation strategy throughout the postal network, taking information technology as the foundation, an effective tool and solution to promote production and business modernization, improve productivity and service quality. From the beginning of the year, Vietnam Post has extensively implemented the project "Modernizing Vietnam Post's Information Technology System" (MPITS) by combining the strengths of physical flow with the data flow. At the same time, it integrates other application systems and platforms to form a digital ecosystem of Vietnam Post. Besides, Vietnam Post is licensed by the State Bank to provide intermediary payments services such as e-wallets, electronic payment gateways, electronic money transfers, collection and payment, significantly, PostPay e-wallet.

Not only ensuring production and business development activities, Vietnam Post continues becoming an example in social security activities with practical and meaningful programs on the postal network. It is not only the donation of billions VND to support the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund, but also the heart of gold in giving spiritual strength to people in difficulty through the program "Postal Gold Seed" donated 820 tons of rice, program “the Heart of the Pandemic season, sharing love” of the Ministry of Information and Communications delivered 228,564 gifts and thousands of gifts in the welfare program organized by the Ministry of Finance. Besides, free delivery of more than 5 million newspapers to people in Southern provinces and cities in order to communicate on disease prevention and contribute to improve the spiritual life in the region. Recently, Vietnam Post organized to launch and donate 10,000 new computers in the program "Waves and computers for children" to give to students who face many difficulties due to lack of online learning equipment in the situation of social distancing that cannot go to school.

Mr. Nguyen Hai Thanh, Chairman of Vietnam Post made a speech at the Conference

Accelerating digital transformation to create more new breakthroughs 

Mr. Nguyen Hai Thanh, Chairman of Vietnam Post, said that in 2022, Vietnam Post aimed to achieve revenue of 33,396 billion VND, a growth rate of over 30%. In particular, Vietnam Post would adjust the business model of service groups, implement 2 new services to form 5 business pillars: Post & Delivery, Postal Financial Service, Communication & Distribution, Logistics and Digital Service. Breakthrough solutions would be deployed right from the first days of the year, with a focus on innovation, creativity, digital transformation, effective implementation of large projects, creating momentum for business and production activities.

Speaking at the conference, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Information and Communications, Mr. Pham Anh Tuan emphasized that in 2021, during the pandemic, Vietnam Post had demonstrated the capacity, quality and heart of postmen in all business fields. Maintaining a stable network, ensuring the supply chain of production and goods for the country, ensuring jobs and life for thousands of work forces in the situation of many other businesses facing difficulties.

Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Information and Communications, Mr. Pham Anh Tuan made a speech at the Conference

The Deputy Minister Mr. Pham Anh Tuan noted that in the period of digital transformation, although the business scale of Vietnam Post was currently big but if there was no quick change, Vietnam Post would face the difficulties and could not make any breakthrough or develop new services to meet the development demands. The Deputy Minister said that among the platforms of the Ministry of Information and Communications deployed in 2022, Vietnam Post should effectively and successfully deploy two platforms: E-commerce platform and Digital Address platform. Beside the proposed solutions, Vietnam Post should note that there must be a special change in workforce, amending high-quality human resource to responsible for completely new job tasks.

Focusing on two business pillars: Logistics and Digital Services

Within the framework of the 2022 Business Plan Implementation Conference, Vietnam Post has announced the new establishment of Vietnam Post Logistics Company and Vietnam Post Digital Services Company to provide two type of new services to contribute to Vietnam Post’s plan to achieve the strategic development goals in the next phase.

Two new companies of Vietnam Post are established: Vietnam Post Logistics Company and Vietnam Post Digital Servcies Company

Accordingly, Vietnam Post Logistics Company will provide warehousing, fulfillment, international transportation, import-export, customs, first-mile and last-mile transportation services… Vietnam Post Logistics Company targets to become a leading logistics company in Viet Nam with future revenue of billions USD by 2025. Right in 2022, Vietnam Post Logistics will reach big markets such as the US, EU, Japan with its new branches.

Vietnam Post Digital Services Company will develop digital products and services; organize business development, develop sales teams and strongly support the digital transformation process of Vietnam Post by conducting digital tools and solutions. Vietnam Post Digital has a vision to become a leading compnay in providing innovative and effective digital products and services in Viet Nam, especially in rural areas. By 2025, Vietnam Post Digital sets a revenue target of 2,500 billion VND.

Leaders of Vietnam Post received the Government Emulation Flag for excellent comprehensive achievements in 2021

At the Conference, Vietnam Post and 13 subsidiaries were awarded the Government’s Emulation Flag for excellent and comprehensive achievements in 2021; other 37 units received the Emulation Flag of the Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnam Post Workers Union received the Emulation Flag of Viet Nam General Confederation of Labor.

Some pictures at the Conference: