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Vietnam Post expects billion USD revenue from Logistics

With the orientation to become the leading logistics service provider in Viet Nam, Vietnam Post recently announced the establishment of Vietnam Post Logistics Company, affirming its ambition for a strong development in this sector.

With many years of experience in the supply chain of e-commerce logistics services with a warehouse system of nearly hundreds of thousands square meters, automated sorting systems with a capacity of nearly 20,000 items per hour, a large postal network of more than 13,000 service points, Vietnam Post's logistics services have recently made impressions in logistics and import-export sectors in Viet Nam.

In logistics service, Vietnam Post is now owning a large-scale warehouse system and a lot of multi-load vehicles

In 2022, Logistics officially becomes one of five key business pillars of Vietnam Post. Recently, Vietnam Post has also announced the establishment of Vietnam Post Logistics Company, which was transformed from Vietnam Post Logistics Center. This company focuses on providing diversified warehousing services, order fulfillment service, international transportation services, import and export, customs, first-mile transportation - 3PL, last-mile delivery and especially expanding specific services that suits the postal ecosystem, including distribution, supply chain management for many brands and manufacturers...

Mr. Nguyen Kien Cuong, Executive Vice President of Vietnam Post, said that despite the difficulties of Covid-19, in 2021, Vietnam Post logistics sector increased significantly compared to 2020. The growing e-commerce industry would a force and resilience for logistics development in the coming time.

With diversified transport by surface, airway, Vietnam Post provides logistics services to meet customers’ demand

Currently, Vietnam Post has many advantages to develop logistics services with the largest postal infrastructure in Viet Nam: a transportation network covering 63 provinces and cities to the border and islands, around ten thousands of transmission routes connecting not only within the domestic area but also expanding to more than 220 countries and territories around the world.

In addition, many logistics centers are synchronized along the major industrial zones in key economic areas equipped with high-capacity automated sorting system and a large-scale, multi-functional warehouse system. Typically, the most modern bonded warehouse systems of Viet Nam in Vinh Phuc and Ha Nam provinces with a total area of nearly 60,000m2 have been built and put into operation in just over 6 months. With the highest security and construction standards, these bonded warehouse is not only the most ambitious project until now but also settle the foundation for the development of Vietnam Post's domestic and cross-border logistics ecosystem.

These will be critical conditions and motivations for Vietnam Post Logistics Company to become a "billion-dollar enterprise" and a leading logistics service provider in Viet Nam by 2025 with branches and offices in many countries worldwide such as USA, EU, Japan, Laos...

The bonded warehouses in Vinh Phuc and Ha Nam provinces are the most ambitious projects of Vietnam Post
with a total area of nearly 60,000m2 to meet international security and operation standards

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Cuong, Director of Vietnam Post Logistics Company said that in the future, along with ensuring operation and improving services that optimize costs for customers, Vietnam Post Logistics would continue to focus on investment and development in infrastructure of more than 350,000m2 of warehouses, including bonded warehouses, cold storage associated with supply chain system dedicated to agricultural logistics, e-commerce warehouses in key economic regions, system of distribution centers. Each warehouse would be studied, designed and built in a methodical and detailed way according to global standards in order to optimize usages and contribute to the best connection of domestic transport and import-export.

“The company carefully calculates the location of each warehouse and actively works with relevant organizations to ensure convenience in transactions and high connectivity. We will also set up end-to-end logistics control centers as well as improve information technology capabilities to support logistics activities to gradually accomplish strategic goals”, Mr. Cuong shared.

With highly specialized human resources, in-depth understanding of supply chain and logistics business, advantages of large-scale multi-model warehousing, synchronous information technology infrastructure, flexible transportation methods… Vietnam Post Logistics is expected to bring highly competitive services to the market, being a strategic partner of many domestic and international enterprises in the field of forwarding, transportation, import and export, connecting to promote the development of Viet Nam’s trade relation worldwide, contributing to improve the efficiency of logistics activities in the digital economy.