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41 localities arrange one-stop department at post offices

Promoting its role as a national postal corporation to manage the public postal network and provide public postal services, Vietnam Post has closely coordinated with the ministries, local authorities to pilot the transfer of public administrative tasks and services, renew the implementation of the one-stop mechanism in handling administrative procedures.

Vietnam Post has been deeply participated in arranging places and equipment for the one-stop department at all levels located at the post offices as well as arranged staffs to support and guide people to do administrative procedures, receive documents, return results of administrative procedures on behalf of civil servants at the one-stop department.

There are 41 provinces and cities nationwide that have deployed the arrangement of places and equipment as well as postal staffs for one-stop departments at all levels at the post offices. In which, there are 14 provincial public administration service centers, 56 district-level one-stop department and 82 commune-level one-stop department. 264 postal staffs directly participate in receiving dossiers at one-stop departments at all levels.

Tuyen Quang public administration service center is on opening day.

The place of the one-stop department at the post office is located at post offices with convenient traffic locations, large surface area and spacious facilities. With a modern IT system, especially applying Big Data technology, Vietnam Post will meet the maximum requirements of authorities at all levels in receiving dossiers, digitizing dossiers and returning results of administrative procedures for the people. People's Committees at all levels do not have to arrange initial funding sources to build one-stop departments and equip facilities and do not have to regularly maintain and repair infrastructure.

Regarding to the arrangement of postal staffs to receive dossiers, return results and guide people to submit online applications, with many years of experience in implementing public administrative services, and regularly being updated and trained new information, postal staff can fully participate in supporting civil servants and officials at the counters of the one-stop Department to receive dossiers, return the results of administrative procedures. Authorities at all levels only need to arrange a reasonable number of civil servants and officials to manage, guide, lead and check the receipt of dossiers ensuring the legality of their work.

The cooperation between Vietnam Post and authorities at all levels in the implementation of administrative procedures is not only a breakthrough and creative solution, but also contributes to improving the efficiency of administrative management at authorities, saving costs in investing infrastructure and equipment and operating the one-stop departments, streamlining the civil servants and officials working at the one-stop departments so that the civil servants and official can focus on professional work, creating conditions for downsizing civil servants and officials according to the guidelines of the Party and State, while ensuring and improving the productivity and quality of receiving and returning results at the one-stop department, contributing to increasing the local administrative reform index.

People are welcomed, guided and served enthusiastically and helpfully at a one-Stop department located at a post office.

People are welcomed, guided and served enthusiastically and helpfully at one-Stop departments located at post offices when they come to post offices for administrative procedure so that people have comfortable moods, thereby improving the level of satisfaction and trust of people in authorities and post offices.

With encouraging results, Vietnam Post will continue to coordinate with departments, branches and People's Committees of provinces and cities to participate extensively and effectively in implementing the task of receiving and digitizing dossiers and returns the results, focusing on expanding the scope and area of implementation as well as implementing innovative contents in Decision 468/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister, becoming the extended arms  of authorites at all levels and as a bridge between the government and the people in handling administrative procedures, supporting the one-stop department at all levels, building e-government as well as other fields.