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Transaction name: Vietnam Post Corporation 

Abbreviation: Vietnam Post 

International transaction name: Vietnam Post

International Abbreviation: VNPost

1. Organizational structure:

Vietnam Post Corporation was established on the basis of implementing the pilot Project on establishing Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) approved by the Prime Minister in the Decision No.58/2005/QD-TTg dated 23 March 2005. 

- The Decision No.674/QD-TTg was issued by Prime Minister dated 01 June 2007 on approving the Project on establishing Vietnam Post Corporation. Accordingly, Vietnam Post Corporation is the state-owned corporation, which is established by the State and specializes in the field of post on the basis of independent economic accounting and allocated the capital by the State through the VNPT Group, the Board of Members of VNPT Group, the representative of the State capital owner at the Corporation and belonging to the Board of Members of the Corporation. Implementing the Decision No.674/QD-TTg by the Prime Minister, on 15 June 2007, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (currently the Ministry of Information and Communications) issued the Decision No.16/2007/QD-TCCB- BBCVT on establishing Vietnam Post Corporation.

- On 16 November 2012, Prime Minister issued the Decision No.1746/QD-TTg on transferring the rights of representation the State ownership capital in Vietnam Post Corporation from Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group to the Ministry of Information and Communications. Vietnam Post Corporation was then renamed as Vietnam Post Corporation (under the Decision No.2596/QD-BTTTT dated 28 December 2012 by the Ministry of Information and Communication). 

- On 06 January 2015, the Ministry of Information and Communications issued the Decision No.09/QD-BTTTT on reorganizing the parent company of Vietnam Post Corporation, whereby the management model of the Corporation was composed of the Board of Members and Board of General Directors, in accordance with the Decree No.69/2014/ND-CP by the Government. The executive and managerial apparatus of the Corporation in accordance with the new organizational model has also been consolidated.

- The organizational structure of Vietnam Post: 68 dependent units (including 63 provincial and municipal posts, National Newspapers Distribution Company, Datapost Company, VNPost Logistics Company, Training Centre, Postage Stamp Company-Branch of Vietnam Post); 01 one-member limited liability companies with 100% of the charter capital held by the Vietnam Post; 03 joint-stock companies with more than 50% of charter capital held by Vietnam Post and 08 associated companies. 

- Charter capital: VND 8,122 billion

- Total employees: over 70,000 

2. Network system:

- System of service points: 13.000 points, average service radius: 2.93 km/point to ensure that each village has at least one service point, serving the average population of  7,100 persons/point. 

Of total service points, there are: 

+ 64 level-1 post offices;

+ 760 level-2 post offices;

+ 1,793 level-3 post offices; 

+ 8.184 communal postal and cultural points;

+ 434 post agents;

+ 43 kiosks;

+ 1.460 independent public letter boxes;

3. Transportation network:

- The level-1 mail route currently has 62 mail truck routes with 120 mail trips with the total of nearly 41,000 km/day and 03 outsourcing mail routes to transport among regional sorting centers and provincial sorting centers; 22 air mail routes transporting postal KT1 and KT3 packages, exchanging with 07 domestic airports; 32 air mail routes transporting EMS packages, exchanging with 14 domestic airports.

- Level-2 mail route network: mail bags are transported among provincial and communal sorting centers with 380 mail routes with the total of 28,000 km, exchanging with 1,600 post offices. 

- Level-3 mail route network includes 3,600 mail routes with the total of 72,000 km.

- International mail route network consists of 87 mail routes (including 83 flight routes, 01 waterway mail route, 03 road and truck routes directly exchanging with about 200 countries and territories).

4. Operation system:

There are 05 international post offices to handle international inbound and outbound postal items (02 Offices of Exchange (OE) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, 01 custom checking post office in Da Nang, 02 border gate post offices in Lao Cai, Lang Son); 05 regional sorting centers in Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho and Binh Dinh; 03 inter-provincial newspaper sorting centers in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang, 08 inter-provincial newspaper printing and distribution points in Dien Bien, Nghe An, Binh Dinh, Dak Lak, Can Tho, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang; 78 level-1 post offices (17 regional post offices, 61 central province and city post offices) handling with postal items at the regional level and central province and city level; 597 level-2 post offices handling with postal items at the district, commune and region levels.

5. Delivery system 

655 delivery post offices are established at the central province, district and region post offices to manage delivery routes of 817 level-3 transaction post offices and to organize the collection, home delivery after after-delivery activies. At the central areas of provinces, communes and villages, there are 11,800 postmen to deliver, pick up and transport postal items from the commune center to level 3 post offices, postal communal and culture points with a total of 11,900 delivery routes.

6. Core business fields

(1). Establishing, managing, operating and developing the public postal network, providing public postal services under the strategies, planning and plans approved by the State’s relevant authorities;

(2). Providing reserved postal services as stipulated by the State’s relevant authorities;

(3). Providing postal services, newspaper distribution, domestic and international post and delivery services. 

(4). Providing international postal services and other services within the framework of international treaties signed by Vietnam and permitted by the State in the postal sector.

(5). Other fields as stipulated by the Law. 

With a widespread network of serving points, reaching even to small villages in the whole country, a great experience of providing post and delivery services, postal financial services as postal savings, money transfer, collection and payment services, agent services (life insurance, non-life insurance, electronic ticket agent and other agent services), Vietnam Post has built its superiority in terms of capacity to meet all customers’ needs from all corners of the country.

7. Community activities

Vietnam Post is the only designated postal operator to provide public postal services for the socio-economic development, poverty reduction and natural disaster reduction. In addition, Vietnam Post has been actively participating in community activities such as providing free-of-charge delivery services for charity goods to the people in the Central areas of Vietnam; for sponsor items to charity centers; joining other charity activies. 

8. International cooperation:

Currently, Vietnam Post is a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and has close cooperation relations with almost all countries in the world. Besides, Vietnam Post is one of key partners of many domestic and international big companies such as Prudential, Jetstar Pacific, Vietnam Airlines, AirMekong, Western Union, Daiichi-life, HSBC, ABBank, Bao Viet Bank, Military Bank ...

9. Objectives:

Vietnam Post is striving to become a leading enterprise to provide post and delivery services, Finance and Retailing services in Vietnam and to be the best choice for customers.