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Core Value



History of foundation and development creates common values that Vietnam Post always respects. With a vision, Vietnam Post will create and maintain core values to perform our missions. Core values include:

1. Overcome challenges:

Vietnam Post is always creative and flexible to overcome all challenges.

During our development history, Vietnam Post has made several reforms to encounter any new challenge to be stronger. In the future, there will be even more changes and challenges. We realize that the challenges in the past were to provide services timely in the cause of nation protection and defense and the challenges in the future are to use IT applications and connect global socio-economic factors.


2. Service provision commitment:

Vietnam Post is always proud and dedicated to provide services with great care to customers.

Recognizing our mission to serve the whole community, Vietnam Post always considers customers as the core and cares for customers’ needs and benefits.

Vietnam Post is making every effort to keep the trust of customers with our considerate services: ensure stable postal operation and business, serve customers with care at any time or any place to show competitive advantages in any decision and choice of customers – individuals, organizations or authorities.


3. Faithful action:

Vietnam Post staff are always reliable and faithful in job performance and action.

Vietnam Post strengthens individual moral characters in actions, words and behaviors together with work efficiency. Due to the fact that there are many processes in postal operation flow, it requires a quick, accurate, faithful and reliable working style for all Vietnam Post staff on the postal network.   


4. Transparent responsibility:

At Vietnam Post, each individual staff is responsible to perform right obligation, duty and for the final responsibility for her/his own decision and work results.

Work content and result is assigned clearly to each staff to ensure her/his responsibility and job duty completion. Our top priority is to create an incentive working environment so that each staff is always well aware and fully responsible for final decision, action and work result with quick and professional style.


5. Concentration to “Respect”

Vietnam Post staff are always treated equally and highly respected.

Vietnam Post is targeting that each staff is a complete individual, he/she always feels assured in their job with equal and suitable salary, in a safe, clean and supportive working environment. Our staff feels free to propose their own ideas, get equal opportunities in recruitment and promotion for future individual development.

6. High evaluation of human qualities

Vietnam Post is an organization of qualified postal people.

Heritage tradition values of postal history with 10 golden letters:

Vietnam Post’s foundation and development history brings the following traditional values of Vietnam Post people: ‘Trung thanh” - loyality, “Dung cam” - bravery, “Tan tuy” - edication, “Sang tao” – creation and “Nghia tinh” - amicability. These letters live in our mind, behavior and working style. Vietnam Post continues to heritage and promotes these characters in our real operation for prosperous development in the long term.

High evaluation of qualities of new postal people:

To the changes in the global market and with our mission and vision, Vietnam Post is building new characters and style, including: Trustful, Respective, Responsible, Smart, Solidarity, Straightforward, Friendly and Moral. Vietnam Post people not only maintain 10 golden letters but also carry new modern qualities.