Hot line   1900 54 54 81

Member companies 


National Newspapers Distribution Company 

Head office: 17 Dinh Le - Hai Ba Trung - Hanoi

Telephone: 04 - 3826 0964

Function and misison

  • To organize, build, manage newspaper distribution network for sales and to follow the planning and the development directions of Vietnam Post.
  • To exploit domestic and international newspaper sources, distributing newspapers to provincial and municipal post offices to deliver to readers; to ensure the compliance with the directions by the Party and relevant authorities, meeting the demands for newspaper of differenct economic, cultural and social sectors and individuals. 
  • Export and import of newspapers in accordance with the law. 

Vietnam Stamp Company 

Head office: 14 Tran Hung Dao - Hai Ba Trung - Hanoi

Telephone: 04 - 3934 0857

Functions and misison

  • To develop the programs on issuing stamps, designing stamps, standard envelopes, postcards with stamps under the plans and duties assigned by the State and Vietnam Post; to design other cultural products.
  • To organize the production and business in supplying, importing and exporting postal stamps, envelopes with stamps, postcards with stamps, standard envelopes.
  • To exploit, preserve, store national postal stamps, UPU stamps and bilateral stamp exchanges between Vietnam and other countries.
  • To do business in other products and services within the scope permitted by Vietnam Post and in accordance with the regulations.

Post and Telecommunication Insurance Joint Stock Corporation (PTI)

Head office: 4a Lang Ha - Dong Da - Hanoi 

Telephone: 04 - 3772 4466

Functions and mission

  • Provide origin insurance products: health insurance, personal accident insurance, insurance for vehicle fire, damages to business ...
  • Provide re-insurance products: Receiving and assigning re-insurance products for all non-life insurance works.
  • Verification of damages: Inspecting, investigating, calculating, allocating damages, agent of damage assessment, asking the third party for the reimbursement.
  • Implementing the investment activities in the following areas: Government bonds, corporate bonds, stocks ....

VNPost Express Joint Stock Company

Head office: No.1 Tan Xuan - Co Nhue - Hanoi

Telephone: 04 - 3757 6153

Functions and mission:

  • Provide  domestic and international express mail services: EMS service, certain-time EMS, heavy, cumbersome EMS and other products;
  • Provide transportation services, logistics goods delivery services. 
  • House and office for lease;
  • Telecommunications supplies and equipment trading;
  • Manage, operate, install, maintain, and repair telecom equipment and vehicles. 
  • Provide post and telecom agent services.

Post and Telecommunications Tourism Joint Stock Company

Head office: 26 Lang Ha - Dong Da - Hanoi

Telephone: 04 - 3776 3045

Functions and mission:

  • Provide hotel and restaurant services
  • Organize domestic and international tours and other tourist services. 
  • Provide goods and passenger marine and road transportation services. 
  • Provide consultation services, brokerage, postal services, information technology, real estate, sports and entertainment.
  • Provide agent goods and airticket services. 
  • Provide transportation support services 

Post Stamp Printing One-member Company Limited 

Head office: 270 Ly Thuong Kiet - District 10 - Ho Chi Minh City 

Telephone:  08 - 865 7093

Functions and mission:

  • Import and export raw materials, supplies and equipments for the printing sector
  • Design, print, produce print marquette 

VNPost Logistics Company 

Head office: No.5 Pham Hung Road - My Dinh 2 - Nam Tu Liem - Hanoi


Functions and mission:

  • Provide transportation services on the inter-provincial and international transportation networks with postal vehicles or by using contracted means of transport: trucks, trains, planes or ships to transport postal items. 
  • Provide domestic and international multi-model transportation services in cooperation with airlines, railways.

Post Training Center

Head office: 51 Vu Trong Phung - Thanh Xuan Trung - Thanh Xuan - Hanoi

Telephone: 04 - 3858 1195

Functions and mission:

  • Provide training, re-training in postal service profession and operation, Information Technology, and foreign languages, management skills, business skills and other necessary skills.
  • Conduct research in: different applications in training, postal operation training; improving production processes, product and service development, developing standard system, work flow, internal management mechanism of Vietnam Post.

Datapost Company 

Head office: No.5 Pham Hung - My Dinh 2 - Nam Tu Liem - Hanoi


Functions and mission:

  • Print the documents containing the fixed or variable information, folding and packing letter-post items;
  • Print commercial invoices and provide invoice services; print, duplicate all kinds of records, provide publications; 
  • Provide domestic and international post and delivery services;
  • Produce, provide envelop, printed items, lables, materials and package for postal sector. 
  • Provide advertisement services on envelopes, publications, flyers, websites.