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Newspaper Distribution


A service offered to customers with retails, subscription, delivery of domestic and foreign newspapers.


- Distribution  of long-term newspaper: the bid requirements under certain period shall be received by VNP and delivery to the recipient's address registered in advance.
- Retails newspapers are sold at post offices and transaction stations nationwide
- Delivery newspaper: post office delivery newspaper to reders according to contract signed with Press Agency, Magazine import-export Agency or individual.


At all post offices of Vietnam Post

Time to order long term newspaper

The long-term subscribers is carried out  in 4 times a year

1st  phase: from December 5 to December 15 to place order for Q1 (next year).

2nd phase: from  March 5 to March 25 to place order for Q2.

3rd phase: from  June 5 to June 25 to place order for Q3.

4th phase: from  September 5 to September  25 to place order for Q4.

Inquiry and compensation

1. Inquiry time
- 01month since the date of issue for newspapers published daily, weekly
- 02 months since the date of issue for the magazines.
- The deadline for complaints about the payment is 03 months from the date of expiry order
2. Inquiry solving period: up to 30 days after receiving a complaint
3. Compensations
- In case of newspaper/magazine  lost or damaged due to the fault of the Post Office, customers are compensated by the newspaper, magazine, or in cash at the same price of newspapers, magazines lost or damaged.
- Post Office is not responsible for compensation in cases: 
+ Newspapers lost or damaged in situations of force majeure such as natural disasters, enemy sabotage or exceed the capabilities of the Post Office overcome if certified by the local authorities
+ Newspaper damaged or  mistaken delivery due to customer's fault.
+ Newspaper was confiscated by the competent authorities in case of a decision to withdraw