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VNQuickpost is the international express delivery service of VNPost, in cooperation with with DHL-VNPT Joint Stock Company, provided to many countries and territories on DHL’s global network.

Service description

232 countries and territories.

Limits of Weight and size:

Document (Doc) item: From 0.5kg to 2.0 kg;
Merchandise (Non doc) item: From 0.5kg to 100 kg.
Shipment: Maximum of 10 items with maximum weight of less than 100kg
Maximum size: 120cm x 80cm x 80cm

Transit time

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Postage Rate Table

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Inquiry and compensation

- Inquiry time: 15 days from accepted date; 
- Inquiry period: 3 months from the date of accepting the inquiry of customers; 
- Only compensate for direct cases: loss or damage with real value compensation not exceeding 20 USD/kg;
- Inquiry on late delivery: to be discussed with DHL-VNPT Joint Stock Company to settle case by case to ensure the most reasonable compensation to customers.

Exporting process

1. Transportation prohibited items 
- Currencies; 
- Gold, silver bullions; 
- Animals (including insects, worms, fish, livestock eggs, birds) 
- Counterfeit, copyright infringement, illegal items 
- Human remains (including  ashes) 
- Drugs, narcotics, aesthetic items (illegal) 
- Weapons, ammunition, weapon parts and components
- Statements and forms of valid credit cards 
- Depraved and reactionary publications
- Dangerous items, hazardous and flammable items as defined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA)
- Any items which are prohibited to transport under the rules and regulations of countries and carriers 
2. Transportation limited Items
- Portable weapons 
- Items to be used as weapons 
- Fur and Ivory 
- Jewellery and items made from precious metals and stones
- Tobacco
- Toy guns 
- Watches and costume jewellery 
3. Items under transporting conditions 
-   Antiques, art works 
- Dangerous items 
- Designed clothes, accessories 
- Pharmaceuticals, drugs (legally binding)
- Mobile phone, accessories and electronic components
- Medical instruments
- Perishable goods